C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

de Jaer, Baudouin 




Composer and violinist, Baudouin de Jaer studied composition with Philippe Boesmans, Frederic Rzewski Henri Pousseur and Bruce Mather; and improvisation with Garett List. His works have been performed among others by Vincent Royer, Jan Michiels, “l’Ensemble Synonymes”, bESIdES, the Arditti String Quartet, the Quadro string quartet, Musiques Nouvelles, l'Ensemble Intercontemporain, the Liège Philharmonic Orchestra,  and the Seoul TIMF ensemble. In 1992 he took part with Fabrizzio Cassol to a journey in Central African Republic to meet and learn the music of the Aka Pygmies. He then became the assistant of Frederic Rzewski at the Conservatory of Liège. Moving to Brussels, he co-founded several music projects, among which “la Maison de la creation”, “Back to normal” (one-day orchestra). His recent compositions include works for eastern instruments such as the Kagayum.

Initiator and co-fondator of the Maison de la création Centre Culturel BXL NORD
Director Maison de la création Centre Culturel BXL NORD - 2003-2007
Composer and member of the Composers Forum of the Belgium French Community
President of the Noodik Productions associations for contemporary ART
Baudouin de Jaer - Korean biography - 2014

Jeonju Sori Festival
Quick Opera
Charlie Degotte, theatre director
Baudouin de Jaer, children orchestra conductor

From Berlin wall to DMZ
Seoul Olympic Park
- violin improvisation for the Ryu Kyung-a dance perform,
- violin improvisation for the Chiharu Mamiya dance perform,
- Back To Normal perform, Baudouin de Jaer conductor
- “Jamais de l’abîme”, composition and solo violin
- meeting with Mr Hwang Byung-ki about composition’s works.

Seoul Changmu International Art Festival
Confession I
Ryu Kyung-a dance and choregraphy, Baudouin de Jaer violin and music compostition

kayagum lessons with Park Jae-young

Compositions for kayagum:
Solo Kayagum 12 strings compositions - 5 sanjo and 10 short studies

Music compositions and violon player for the Kyung-a Ryu choreographer performs
Eco in the dream
- 2005 Brussels, Maison de la création, Switzerland- Neuchâtel
- 2006 Brussels, Raffinerie Charleroi/ danses - Espace Senghor / Liège, Quai Mativa

2007 Brussels, Espace Senghor

Kayagum workshop with the students of the Li Ji-young kayagum class from SNU and concert
Brussels, 5th September
Baudouin de Jaer solo Kayagum composition by Kim Hyun-chae from the
Bozar, Klara Festival.
Karlsruhe – Germany, 8th September
Baudouin de Jaer solo Kayagum composition by Kim Hyun- chae
Koreanischer Musik Tag

Munster – Germany, January – Mars
daegum solo to Young Yoo, creation in the Klangzeit Munster Festival
Seoul- February : National Gugak Center
Baudouin de Jaer Kayagum Sanjo concert
Brussels, April
L’éclat du cerisier for daegum, changgo and voice.
Brussels, July 
meeting with Min Hye-sung Baudouin de Jaer Pansori Project Experiance L’éclat du cerisier
Seoul, August
Baudouin de Jaer Works for Kayagum reccording at Seoul National University
Kim Huynchae, Lee Hwa Young
Seoul, August
meeting with Soo-yeon Lyuh, Haegum player of the Natioanl Gugak Center.
Brussels, November
Loop 3 Brussels Festival
Solo daegum composition, Hong Yoo Daegum
L’éclat du cerisier” kind of Pansori, for voice, Daegum and Puk
Yong Yoo, Daegum, Fabian Fiorini, Puk, Jean-Michel Vovck, voix.

Seoul, 7th March
AdolfWölfli cryptograms décrypted by Baudouin de Jaer
Lecture and violin solo concert at the Music College - Seoul National University.
Seoul, 5th March
Korean Music Project, Kim Snkgn director, Baudouin de Jaer composition
Seoul, 9th March
visit and the National Gugak Center and meeting with the promotion team.
Brussels, Seoul: April > November
composition for Komungo and Changgo.
Brussels, Liège May :
Baudouin de Jaer Sanjo at the Maison de la création. Hwa young Lee, Kayagum
I close on moment my eyes 잠시 눈을 감으면
Orchestra composition for traditional korean instruments
Seoul March 2011
Where does the wind come from” for solo Haegum to Lyuh Soo-yeon member of the
National Gugak Creative Orchestra.

September 2012
Seoul practice SNU with Lee Jun-a for the CD Geomungo recording.
15th November 2012
Baudouin de Jaer Geomungo sanjo I
Concert for the King of Belgium Feast at the Ewha University By Hansol Kim
Ambassador of Korean in Brussels, OTAN and UE H.E. Kim Chang-beom offers the Baudouin de Jaer
compositions Gayageum CD to SM Albert II King of Belgium

Baudouin de Jaer Geomungo and Gayageum compositions double CD SUB ROSA CD label
Lee Jung-a, Geomungo Kim Huynchae, Lee Hwa Young, Gayageum
27th June 2013
Theatre de la Balsamine in Brussels
Performance for the releasing Baudouin de Jaer Solo Geomungo CD
With Music Unversity of Liège ( BE) Lee Jung-a Geomungo Player.
August, Seoul
Meetings with Hwang Byong-ki about composition잠시 눈을 감으면 contact Won Il conductor
Meeting with Kim Young Jae.
Won Il about orchestra composition잠시 눈을 감으면
Kim Ji Yeon KBS about how to release the SUB ROSA CD in Korea
Lee Young sok to copy the score of Gayaguem and Geomungo Baudouin de Jaer compositions
Lee Baewon about the Music Competition in the Gugak Won center
Belgican Ambassador in Korea François Bontemps and Lee Seungyoo director of the Culture
Department ok Korea
EO CREATIVE about general work NOODIK productiosn dance and music.

DANCE composition for the Korean National Orchestra concert 13 June 2014 Séoul
Korean cultural centrum BXL : lecture about Geomungo compositions

Geomungo concerto composition
New solo Geomungo compositions
New solo Haegum compositions
New solo Piri compositions
New solo Daegum compositions
Gyeongpungnyeon recomposed for quintet
National Gugak Center Seoul, monographic concert with Kyung-a Ryu Dance Part



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