C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

Paço-Rocchia, Sonia 




Sonia Paço-Rocchia




Bachelors of Music (Composition

instrumental and electroacoustic with a

speciality in live electronics with Michel

Smith, Michel Longtin, Jean Piché and

Josée Evangelista, Bassoon with Martin

Mangrum and Improvisation with Jean-

Marc Bouchard) at the Université de



Double-D.E.C, in Music (Composition

with Michel Thétraul and piano with

Louise Bélanger) & Pure and Applied

Sciences to Cégep de St-Laurent


Arduino training at iMAL, Brussels

2009 - 2011

Improvisation sessions by Eddie Prévost,



Guest artist for Sensor-Based Mini-

COMEDIA, NumediArt, Mons

2006 - 2007

Max/MSP workshops at IRCAM, Paris


Stage setting course, Centre de création

scénique, Montréal


Since 2013

Program and design of Arduino/Teensy


2011 to 2013 and in 2015

On Codes D'Accès's board, an organism

for producing emerging canadian



Co-president of Post-Artist, an artist

collective based in London

Since 2008

Entrepreneur, associate and programmer

for TranquilleSoft, a Web and iDevices

programming SME

Since 2006

Max/MSP (and Max for Live since 2013)

programmer and teacher

Since 2004


Since 2002

Teacher: piano, early music, composition

and improvisation

2003 and 2001

Coordinator for Festival de Musique

Classique des Basses-Laurentides

Since 1991

Maker: wood and metal work including

welding, basic electronics soldering and




Guest resident at LA CHAMBRE

BLANCHE, Québec city, work on Sentier

sonore, a series sound installations: non

linear compositions for invented

instrument automata and work on

Réflexion, an moving image installation

for motorised mirrors and projection.


Performances as a bassoon improvisers

with a haddock trio and with the London

Improviser Orchestra, London

Residency for Play; commission for the

music for a piece with words and videos

by Sandrine Deumier. Invented

instruments et interface designed

specifically for this piece. Metal electric

harp, electric aulos, electric Long Tube,

electric Pandora box, interface Le Bras

(conductance, wireless MIDI), Agence

Topo, Montréal

Solo improviser bassoon and live

electronics and bicycle and live

electronics, at New Adventures in Sound

Art, first concert of that Festival at

Warbler’s Roost, South River, Ontario

Live electronics musician in the duet

VibraLib for multiple trumpets (Frédéric

Demers) and electroacoustic

Instruments design (ink trowing

saxophone, Mr Curly contrabass clarinet

for garden hose) for J'M'EN SAX! (twice

nominated for an Opus) by Michel Smith,

for Quasar, Gésù, Montréal

VibraLib at Montréal New Music

contemporary music festival, played Il

temps-te (see 2006), a Charles Quevillon

and premièred a Monique Jean and a

Mathieu Marcoux


R é s e a u , d i g i t a l a r t , web a r t ,

cyberperformance, live coding web,

electroacoustical music, molecular

cuisine, projection. Collaborative work

with Véronique Binst. At HTMlles festival,



a molecular cuisine

automaton forming

sphere from fruit

s i r u p from l i v e


R e s i d e n c y f o r

Réseau and the


at Oboro, Montréal

R é s e a u a t

L a d y B u g , f i r s t

European festival of

women in digital art,


Hélix at Ouvrez

grands vos oreilles, Célébrons 20 ans de

créations musicales contemporaines,

Émile Legault concert hall, Cégep St-

Laurent, Montréal, Québec

Première of D'un autre côté, a piece for

guitar, harp, harpsichord, cymbalum,

double bass, five solids-sensors sound

activators and live electronics. A

commission by the Canadian Council for

the Arts, Code d'Accès for Punctum

assemble, Montréal


Residency for Réseau: digital art, web

art, cyberperforance, live coding web,

electroacoustical music, molecular

cuisine, projection. Collaborative work

with Véronique Binst. Fabrique de

Théâtre, Framerie, Belgique

Participation as performer (voice and live

electronics - by video) at Hörlursfestival,

DOME Sollefteå, Sweden

Bassoonist of the London Improviser

Orchestra for the film The Moment of

Disappearance by Kate McMillan, music

by Cat Hope, London.

Private view - solo exhibit, Hélix, outdoor

interactive sound installation, 20

automatons of dancing slinky based

instruments, non-linear composition,

Mons, Belgique.

Hélix at City Sonic and Park in Progress,

international festival of sound art, Mons,


Residency Hélix, Fabrique de Théâtre,

Framerie, Belgique

Residency Hélix, Pépinière Européenne

p o u r J e u n e s a r t i s t e s , M o n s ,

Transcultures, Communauté française de


Première of two movements of

Hommage, a piece for 32 bassoons, at

Colloque de Bassons, Angoulême,



Tour as a bassoon and live electronics

free improviser. Sheffield, Manchester,

London (4 solo performances, 2 solo

(music) with collaborations with other art

forms, 5 performances with ensembles, 2

performances with London Improviser


Front cover photo of Les Dames de la

place Flagey by Jonathan Stone

En g é l i n u s , é d i t i o n s ma e l s t rÖm


Cyberperformance/live coding web, In

Bed With Everybody, Lyon

Multiple collaborative work and a solo

installation for hacked antique telephone

and quadriphonic path. La Fabrique de

Théâtre, Mons.

Bassoon improviser on the disk Hutch

Demouilpied | Otherness, by Entropy



Commission (with Michel Smith) for the

music for the play Yvonne, Princesse de

Bourgogne (Gombrowicz), direction by

Louis-Karl Tremblay, produce by Théâtre

Point D'Orgue, at Prospero Theatre,


Scores of Massing and Prélude de

bouilloires at Phono:Graphic, Galerie8 by

SoundFjord, London

Going Away (video), bicycle with live

electronics improvised solo, Bicycles and

the Arts, Chicago

Guest composer at Rendez-vous

création, CISM 89,3FM, Montréal

Guest improviser (bassoon) of the

Toronto Improvisors Orchestra, Toronto

Guest improviser (bassoon and live

electronics) of the Vultures Quartet,


First read through of 3 movements of

Hommage, a piece for 32 bassoons

around the public, London

Commision for music and performance

for the monologue I Became Luminous,

produce by The Olga & Clarence

Memorial Theatre Company, direction by

Ieva Strazdine and played by Jeffrey

Gordon Baker, London

Installation sur le Slinky version pour la

Croatie, Vrijeme nakon 2011, Gallery

Kortil, Rijeka

Regular member of the London

Improviser Orchestra since 2009, London

Bassoon improviser in LIO LEO LEON by

Emanem Disc. A disk recorded live by

the London Improvisers Orchestra during

Freedom of the City festival

Solo improviser (bassoon and live

electronics) at Noise Upstairs Scheffield

and Manchester


Recording of improvised solos, for

bassoon and live electrics and bicycle

and live electronics, Audition Records

012, Audiotalaia Netlabel

Online Bicycle and live electronics

playing at Bicycles and the Arts, Chicago

Part Ark, Part of Leytonstone Arts Trail:

Installation sur le slinky (second version)

Player for The Great Learning by

Cornelius Cardew. A 4 disks compilation

by Bôłt, recorded in the Art Centre of

Wigry and Synagogue of Sejny, Poland

Performance with The Fantastique

Quintette: Dave Tucker (guitar), Dave

Solomon (drums), Ricardo Tejero (sax),

Pat Thomas (piano) and myself,

bassoon and live electronics, London

Première of Souvenirs, for bass flute

(Susan Geaney) and live electronics with

sensors, Scotland

Awarded for Composition Retreat by


Invisible Ink, interactive sound

installation, Domestic Disturbance,


Co-Curator (With Andy MacWilliams)

and performer in Domestic Disturbances:

Series of happening in flats and houses

around London.

Regular bassoon improviser of London

Improviser Orchestra, since 2009

Commissioned by Pascal Malaterre to

compose and perform a s t r e e t

performance in Paris, June 2010. Music

have been performed solo with 6 boxes

with accelerometer inside them, live

electronics, bassoon and voice.

Première of Massing, for viola (Christine

Caulfield) and live electronics first online

on Second Life followed by a première in



Regular performer with Sound Through:

Sound Through is a collective of

musicians and sonic artists committed to

exploring ideas surrounding aural

architecture, sound manipulation,

improvisation and performance.

We play in unusual venues, like shops,

barn, disaffected buildings alternative

venues including Shunt, in London.

Composer/improviser/performer for

dance in Imagine a Spectacle: A stage

for innovative thinking premièred in

Bloomsbury Theatre, London.

Presentation of Soupirs, a version for

solo clarinet (Markus Wenninger) with

dance, Berlin

Conference et video performance,

Theorizing the Space Between,

University of Alberta

Guest performer (bassoon and live

electronics) for WIP/WIT by Forum (Drill

Hall, London)

Musician/performer/composer (bassoon,

treble recorder and voice with live

electronics + controlling some live

electronics with some sensors on the

dancers for Lucy Ridley's choreography,

Sticky Pathways, a contemporary dance/

movement and music improvisation/live

art/sound a r t performance and

installation about dream and reality.

Performed in Shunt, London.

Created and performed Pedalling Under

London's Clouds, a piece for bicycle solo

and projection at EXPO LEEDS

Interactive Sound Installation on Living

Room Scale Installation by Takako Jin,

Leytonstone Art Trail, London

Co-Curating (with Frances Bowman)

Domestic Disturbance as part of the

Leytonstone Art Trail

Performer in Around This House -

Happening in a Library in London,

curated by Matthew Lee Knowles.

Performer for Tree Radical - 50 trees

take to the streets of London in a

performance that engaged and inspired.

Barbican Center

Exhibition of a score of Prelude de

bouilloires, a piece for whistling kettles :

A Cup of Tea Solves Everything, curated

by Hamja Ahsan and Steph Newell

Performance of Commentary, piece for

bassoon+live electronics+theatrical/live

art. In a special event for International

Women's Day, organised by Forum,


Regular performer with CoMA, since



Pedalling Under London's Clouds at 1st




NumédiArt Workshop, Sensor-Based

Mini-COMEDIA, Mons

Performing the première of Pedalling

Under London's Clouds, Luminaire, in a

Music Orbit and SPNM event, in London


Leader of Jam & Tea, improvisations

workshops, London


Première of Bal, commission for Cello

and Marimba, Montréal

Première of Il temps-te, commission for

solo brass player with live electronics in a

theatrical performance.


Première of a Sound Installation on

S'Enfeuiller, Montréal.

Première of Water, for singer in a shower

and live electronics, Montréal

Première of Soupirs, for clarinet solo, live

electronics and humming voice, Montréal

Première of À chacun sa ballounne!,

piece for balloons played by members of

the audience.


Première of Installation sonore sur le

slinky, a sound installation using more

than 20 instruments based on slinkies,


Première of Improvisations sur les cinq

sens, pièce for piano solo, soprano,

cello, percussions, tape, theatral

performance, live electronics, bag pipe

and wireless toy car, Montréal

Première of Sans Escalier, piece for

slinky solo and live electronics, Montréal

Commission and première of Prelude, a

piece for Les Symphonies Portuaires,



Première of Prelude de bouilloires, piece

for whistling kettles ensemble, Montréal

Recording of 4 of my pieces, including

Moments by musicians of the Nouvel

Ensemble Modern, in Montréal.

Première of Voix, electroacoustic piece,



Première of L'Espace d'un instant,

electroacoustic piece, Montréal

Special Mention for CAM, piece for 7 bus

card players, at Cégep en Spectacle,



Première of CAM, piece for 7 bus card

players with quadriphonic amplification,


Première of Chants du désert,

electroacoustic piece, Montréal





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