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C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

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Krigul, Ülo : Swan Bone City 



Basic information

  • Title: 
    Swan Bone City
  • Composer: 
  • Duration (in minutes): 
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  • Program notes: 

    "Swan Bone City” by Ülo Krigul given esteemed music award
    On September 30, Estonian composer Ülo Krigul was awarded in the Monte Carlo Opera with the renowned Monaco Prince Pierre Foundation „Young Musicians Favorite Choice prize for his piece „Swan Bone City“.

    The Monaco Prince Pierre Foundation was established in 1966 and it recognizes talents in literature, visual art and music. The „Young Musicians Favourite Choice” award has been given out annually since 2011. The award will include a commission for a new piece and a monetary prize.

    So far, the „Young Musicians Favourite Choice“ award has been given to distinguished contemporary classical music composers Raminta Serksnyte, Kaija Saariaho and Toshio Hosokawa. The winner is chosen by the students of the Academy of Music and Theatre in Monaco, from works presented by a jury. Krigul’s „Swan Bone City“ was first heard during the festival Estonian Music Days, when it was performed by the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra and Iiris Vesik and conducted by Risto Joost.


    „From between the stones”

    ...between the stones..
    ...from between the stones..
    I once saw a man who was collecting the bones of birds from between the stones.

    I thought he must be an ornithologist and I was just about to pass by
    when something cought my eye:

    The man´s movements were young and nimble,
    but the look in his eyes was more than a thousand years old.

    W h o a r e y o u ? !

    „An architect and lover”

    I am an architect and a lover.
    But the girl I want to marry won´t have me until I´ve built a city that flies as high as her dreams. I´ve already built her a worldful of cities, some of them with houses rising right up to the clouds. She always accepts the new city, happily licks ice cream on park benches, and walks proudly along the city streets adorned with life, but when I approach her full of hope, she replies „This isn´t it!”

    M a y b e y o u ´ v e c h o s e n t h e w r o n g g i r l ?!

    „Nothing wrong with the girl”

    No, there´s nothing wrong with the girl.
    Stones are too heavy.
    And wood burns too easily.
    Swan bones are hollow inside,
    they carry high up into the air
    and hold the living, spirits and dreams together.

    No, there´s nothing wrong with the girl.
    This time she will get her city.

    ...from between the stones
    ...a city of swan bones
    ...I´d like to live there too

    Kristiina Ehin
    Ilmar Lehtpere tõlke järgi kohandanud Ülo Krigul





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