The History of the EECMS: In close collaboration with leading ensembles worldwide, The EECMS has become one of the first promoters of contemporary music in Egypt and the Middle East in general. When after years of campaigning the first Alexandrina Contemporary Music Biennale was realized in 2009, it became obvious, that a model had to be developed for strengthening the infrastructure in Egypt on a long-term basis in order to ensure its productivity and continuity, the founding of an organization to manage various projects to this end would prove very helpful. Hence, the European-Egyptian Contemporary Music Society e.V. was established in 2010 as a non-profit organization. Already in the same year, the EECMS has overseen the founding of the Egyptian Contemporary Music Ensemble. In April/May 2011, despite the unstable situation in Cairo, the EECMS has managed to realize a highly successful edition of the Cairo Contemporary Music Days which became an annual event since then. Since 2011, in the course of its composition initiative ON 25, the EECMS has also brought 14 new composition commissions to Egyptian composers into beeing. The EECMS is holding the concert series (portrait) since 2010 at the venues of the Old Campus of the American University in Cairo with guest musicians, portraying important international figures and schools of Contemporary Music that also include ample academic programs. With the kind support of the Art Mentor Foundation Lucerne, the EECMS was able to obtain an assortment of high-quality percussion instruments for the Egyptian Ensemble and the academic programs. The EECMS is cooperating with almost all venues in Egypt and accommodate productions and projects according to the artistic needs of each Project. Our goals are to create a lively Contemporary Music Scene in Egypt through establishing the needed tools to develop and foster International Artistic cooperation. The EECMS is holding the portrait series since 2010, presenting the different schools of contemporary Music since World War 2 until our recent time. The concert series has a multiple effect: Beside enhancing the understanding of Contemporary Music and its different schools in Egypt the series is linked to many activities as meetings, workshops. In the last five years we had the pleasure to work with a great number of international cultural institutions. Mission & Values Promoting Contemporary Music in Egypt Coordinating activities at various cultural institutions in Egypt . Providing a wide range of performance opportunities for local and visiting ensembles, composers and students Strengthening institutional relations between organizations, composers and ensembles from Europe and the Middle East in order to enable a valuable exchange with Egyptian and Arab institutions. Providing opportunities through which Egyptian musicians and composers can broaden their experience and share their unique background. Organizing performances

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