C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

D0 note (18.35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

C0 note (16,35 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

F0 note (21.83 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

G0 note (24.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

A0 note (27.50 Hz) — vibrating on liquid surface

ISCM news

Posted: October 14, 2014

2014/10/12 - Stefan Prins wins 2014 ISCM Young Composer Award (Supported by Music on Main)

Tags: ISCM Young Composer Award

On 12 October 2014, at the final concert on of the ISCM World Music Days in Wrocław, Poland, the winner of the 2014 ISCM Young Composer Award (supported by Music on Main) was announced. It is the aim of the ISCM to promote exposure, research, and performance of contemporary music on an international scale, and to showcase diversity in musical creation, without prejudice to differences in musical expressions, styles, genres or media; nor regarding race, religion or politics. The annual ISCM...

Posted: August 11, 2014

2014/10/12 Local Composers to Serve on Jury of the Young Composer Award

Tags: World Music Days, ISCM Young Composer Award

The ISCM is pleased to announce that distinguished composers Tomoko Fukui (Japan), Javier Hagen (Switzerland), and Eva Lopszyc (Argentina) have been chosen to serve as the international jury for the 2014 Young Composers Award which is to be held as part of the ISCM World Music Days in Wroclaw, Poland this coming October.

At each ISCM World Music Days Festival an international jury, constituted from the ISCM membership, carefully considers all works performed during the festival...

Due date: Friday, October 3, 2014 to Sunday, October 12, 2014
Posted: July 25, 2014

Selected works WMD Slovenia 2015

Tags: World Music Days, ISCM Young Composer Award, Festival, Conference, Competitions' Result

List of selected compositions for the World Music Days Slovenia 26.9. – 1.10.2015 is online Read more...

Due date: Monday, March 30, 2015 to Thursday, April 30, 2015
Posted: May 5, 2014

Ensemble Windstreken & Ruben Zahra

Tags: ISCM Members Support Fund, Festival

Ensemble Windstreken & Ruben Zahra


The Dutch Ensemble Windstreken makes musical connections between very diverse music styles. It combines jazz and improvisation with medieval and contemporary classical music, Indian and North African music. Its main purpose is to discover surprising blends of sounds. The ensemble was founded by flutist/saxophonist Pieter...

Due date: Wednesday, April 30, 2014 to Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Posted: May 1, 2014

Reinhard Oehlschlägel (1936-2014)

Tags: Honorary Member, In Memoriam

We are very sad to note the passing of our honorary member Reinhard Oehlschlägel in Cologne on April 29, 2014.

In the words of John Davis, our former president: “A true champion of contemporary music, Honorary Member of ISCM, fierce advocate, passionate about so much music. His MusikTexte magazine documents so much contemporary music from around the world. What...

Posted: January 16, 2014

Eric Nathan: making it as clear as possible.

Tags: ISCM Young Composer Award

In NewMusicBox of New Music USA, Frank J. Oteri has published an interview with Eric Nathan. He has won the ISCM-IAMIC Young Composer Award in 2012. Nathan's new work was presented during the ISCM World New Music Days 2013 at the Melos Étos festival in Bratislava.

Click here to view and...

Posted: October 24, 2013

ISCM General Assembly 2013

Tags: General Assembly

The ISCM General Assembly 2013 will be held during the ISCM World New Music Days in Slovakia and Austria in November. The schedule for delegates can be found here. The meeting Booklet can be viewed online and is...

Due date: Wednesday, November 6, 2013 to Thursday, November 14, 2013
Posted: October 24, 2013

Kaija Saariaho Elected ISCM Honorary Member 2012

Tags: Honorary Member

Kaija SaariahoIn the General Assembly of the ISCM in Belgium 2012, the Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho was unanimously elected as Honorary Member. Born in 1952 in Finland, Kaija Saariaho lived a childhood embedded in music, playing several instruments. In parallel to musical studies, she started art studies, at the Fine Arts School of Helsinki, that she quickly quit to concentrate on music. At the Sibelius...

Posted: May 5, 2011

Milton Babbit and Joji Yuasa are elected Honorary Member of the ISCM

Tags: Honorary Member

Milton Babbitt and Joji Yuasa are elected Honorary Member of the ISCM 

The compositional and intellectual wisdom of Milton Babbitt, born in 1916 in Philadelphia, has influenced a wide range of contemporary musicians. He died on January 29th of 2011 at the age of 94. One can read more on ...

Posted: October 1, 2009

Louis Andriessen elected Honorary Member

Tags: Honorary Member

Louis Andriessen was born in Utrecht on June 6, 1939. After an early training in composition with his father, composer Hendrik Andriessen, he continued his studies with Kees van Baaren at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. Receiving the major composition prize upon his graduation, Andriessen subsequently studied two years with Luciano Berio in Milan (1962-'63) and Berlin (1964-'65)....


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