World New Music Magazine

The World New Music Magazine is an annually published magazine devoted to contemporary music published by the International Society for Contemporary Music [ISCM]. It is published in connection with the ISCM’s annual festival World (New) Music Days, hosted by one of ISCM’s members.

Franks desk

Editor-in-Chief: Frank J. Oteri (ISCM Vice President)

ISCM Communications Committee:

Magnus Bunnskog (ISCM Swedish Section); Mikel Chamizo (Musikagileak); Chen Danbu (ISCM – Beijing Section); Anni Heino (ISCM – Australian Section); Javier Hagen (ISCM – Swiss Section); Irina Hasnaș (ISCM Executive Committee); Anna Veismane (ISCM – Latvian Section); Anna Dorota Władyczka (ISCM – Polish Section)

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