Community & Opportunities

The ISCM community consists of all our member organisations from around the globe and their colleagues and contacts from the world of new music. The ISCM encourages collaborations of all kinds between members, and some of these are listed below. You can find information about competitions, residencies, festivals, and more by reading through the sections below. Our community is growing fast and including more parts of the world than ever before.

Community pages


Every year, a system involving local juries from member sections of the ISCM selects the works to be performed at the WNMD Festival. There are of course also a wide variety of other competitions for composers and musicians, and some of the most relevant ones are listed here.


The ISCM WNMD Festival is our signature annual event, bringing the world together for several days of concerts and meetings. Our member sections are also involved in many separate festivals that thy organise or participate in, and information about these festivals can be found here.

Conferences / Workshops

The ISCM WNMD often has conferences and workshops as part of this annual event. There are also of course many conferences and workshops that are relevant to our goals, and these are listed here.


The ISCM has a long-running collaboration with VICC and its residency program. There are however also a wide variety of residencies that can be relevant for our members, and this is where we will highlight these.