The ISCM Virtual Collaborative Series

Virtual collaborative series - from the ISCM members

The COVID-19 pandemic has made online activity more crucial than ever before by hindering numerous live events, many concerts included. Now is the right time to strengthen the online presence of contemporary music!

The goal of the project is to foster presence and coverage of contemporary music online via social media. We should not bear with just being overshadowed by popular and commercial music. Instead, let’s tease and entertain an audience looking for a new musical experience into getting acquainted with the best contemporary music available.

We hope that our social media project will, in its small way, help to motivate accessible discussions online, keeping our community more engaged. We also hope that our Facebook Showcases will build bridges between  different types of contemporary music, composed and performed in various regions of the World.

We look forward to making available internet wide all this exciting music and to nurturing a new audience for it!

– Irina Hasnas

[Ed. note: All ISCM Sections and Associate Member Organizations in good standing are invited to submit up to 6 works by composers in their region to be considered for inclusion in this newly launched ISCM Virtual Collaborative Series. There will be a new work posted every day during the first week of the launch and thereafter new works will be posted on an ongoing basis. Please come back to this site often to listen in as new works are added or to listen again to works that have already been posted. – FJO]

Diana Rotaru

Diana Rotaru: Hannya

(Submitted by ARFA) Romanian composer Diana Rotaru (b. 1981) has written from chamber and orchestral music to chamber opera and soundtracks for multimedia or dance shows and short films. Her music explores different expressive directions, from hypnagogia or pre-oneiric aesthetics, feminine psyche, humor or imaginary folklore. She is also active as a promoter of new…

Kenta Masuda


(Submitted by ISCM – JAPANESE SECTION) Kenta Masuda was born in Japan in 1990. He has received prizes from the 20th Sogakudo Japanese Song Competition, the 4th International Antonín Dvořák Composition Competition, the 2014 PARMA student composer competition, and the Hirosaki Sakuranosono Composition Competition 2017 as well as the 33rd JSCM Award for Composers. His pieces…

Ulrike Mayer-Spohn

Ulrike Mayer-Spohn: fKFW

(Submitted by ISCM – SWISS SECTION) Extraordinary diversity describes the composer and multi-instrumentalist Ulrike Mayer-Spohn (b. 1980) who plays the recorder (with a focus on contemporary music), as well as historical string instruments (fiddle and Baroque violin). She studied composition and audio design with Erik Oña at the Studio of Electronic Music, Academy of Music,…


Luk Wai Chun: Rock Pipa – FIGHT!

(Submitted by ISCM – HONG KONG SECTION) LUK Wai Chun is currently a doctoral candidate in composition at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), focusing on the fusion of an eclectic of stylistic elements in world music. Wai-Chun collaborated with different music groups, artists from Hong Kong, Brazil, France, USA, Canada and Thailand, for example, Contrast Trio, Hong Kong…

Margareta Ferek Petrić

Margareta Ferek Petrić: Fire Walk With(out) Me

(Submitted by ISCM – CROATIAN SECTION) Margareta Ferek Petrić (b. 1982 in Zagreb), composer and artistic director of the Music Biennale Zagreb 2021/23, lives and works in Vienna, Austria and Zagreb, Croatia. She studied composition at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna where her teachers included Ivan Eröd, Klaus Peter Sattler, and…

André Laporte

André Laporte: Transit

(A special selection in celebration of the 90th birthday of ISCM Honorary Member André Laporte) André Laporte (b. 12 July 1931) has been a key figure in the music life of his native Belgium. He worked at the Belgian Radio (BRT, now VRT), first as a producer, later as a program coordinator, a production leader of…

Jesse Austin-Stewart

Jesse Austin-Stewart: lighthouse auralization

(Submitted by ISCM – NEW ZEALAND SECTION) Jesse Austin-Stewart (b. 1996) is a Wellington-based sonic artist with a focus on spatial sound. He is currently working on his PhD at Massey University researching barriers of capital within spatial audio. About lighthouse auralization (2020), Austin-Stewart writes: Lighthouses have been used as a way to identify position through…

Iulia Cibisescu-Duran

Iulia Cibisescu-Duran: Concerto for Violin and Chamber Orchestra No. 2

(Submitted by ARFA) Iulia-Narcisa Cibișescu-Duran (b.1966) is a Romanian composer of orchestral, chamber, choral, and vocal works that have been performed in Germany, France, Italy, USA, Brazil, Bolivia, and Australia. Ms. Cibișescu-Duran studied composition with Cornel Taranu and then orchestral conducting with Emil Simon and Petre Sbarcea at ”Ghe. Dima” National Music Academy of Cluj-Napoca,…

Peter Hatch

Peter Hatch: Forest for the Trees

(Submitted by ISCM – CANADIAN SECTION) Composer and music curator Peter Hatch (b. 1957) has composed works in a large number of genres, from orchestral and chamber music to instrumental theatre, electroacoustics and installations. Known for his interest in revitalizing the listening experience, Hatch’s compositions are both heady and playful, profound and humorous. His works…

Zorada Temmingh

Zorada Temmingh: Wavering

(Submitted by ISCM – SOUTH AFRICA SECTION) Zorada Temmingh is considered one of South Africa’s foremost organ improvisers. In addition to being the first South African to release a CD with organ improvisations (she has released six to date), she was also the first to do soundtrack improvisations for silent movies. For her groundbreaking contribution…