WNMD – World (New) Music Days

The Morris Isaacson Centre for Music in Soweto was one of the venues where concerts were held during our most recent festival, the 2023 ISCM World New Music Days in South Africa; this year’s festival will take place in the Faroe Islands.

The annual ISCM World (New) Music Days Festival is organized each year by a different host. The festival presents music from each of our members, showcasing the incredible diversity of musical practice in our time. To see the breadth of locations where this festival has taken place over the last century as well as the breadth of repertoire from around the world that has been performed on these festivals, please visit our pages devoted to previous festivals.

Previous & Future W(N)MD Festivals

2024 Faroe Islands

Previous festivals

Since 1923, ISCM’s annual international new music festival has taken place over 90 times all over the world.

Future festivals

The 2024 World New Music Days will take place in the Faroe Islands.

Interested in hosting WNMD ?

If you are a member organization of the ISCM and have an interest in hosting or co-hosting a future festival, please contact us with your proposal.