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EECMS- LEN Lift to Arabia




  • Date: 
    Monday, May 15, 2017
  • Description: 

    The founders of the EECMS and LEN have met again after almost ten years of studying together in the Music Academy in Karlsruhe working closely with pioneers such as Peter Eötvöch and Wolfgang Rehm who played an important part in the development of the two actors characteristic and artistic ambition. In 2014, Vykintas Baltakas was invited to conduct the Swiss Portrait in Cairo which was the portrait nr. V in EECMS’ successful franchise. This meeting in Cairo led to planning several other collaborations and standing on the challenges and goals of both enterprises either in Cairo or in Vilnius, especially the social situation either being a former Soviet Union state seeking its liberation from old systems, associated and closer to the european union recently and stepping out to find its place carrying a huge music tradition with orEgypt with all its turbulent past and present. Another aspect led to intensify the relation between both Len and the EECMS is the involvement of Rūta Staneviiūtė The First Congress of Arab Music and Alois Hába's microtonal school to write the main article in Heritage and Modernity forum in 2016 as well as the participation of Justina Repekaitė who have been recommended to the forum as one of the most promising composers now in Lithuania.

    In 2015 both LEN and Gaudeamus MuziekWeek were the main partners in “Heritage and Modernity”the things that resulted in a very intensive collaboration and exchange between those particular two countries and their institutions with us. Again, composer and conductor Vykintas Baltakas was foreseen as mentor and one of the composers for the premieres planned in 2017 (Ernst von Siemens Commission).Moreover, amongst the 26 well-selected participants for“Heritage and Modernity”’s Generation of Tomorrow Platform was also the lithuanian Justina Repekaitė and both mentors and participants had the chance to interact in Cairo with topnotch Arab musicians and attend to several folkloric showcases that allowed for an exchange of musical production as well as a cultural one. Both composers are currently working on their new compositions to premier in Cairo expected in April-May next year in the course of the Cairo Contemporary Music Days. This very constructuve and structured development in the exchange between LEN and the EECMS has driven Goethe Institute to bring this collaboration to Vilnius in November 2016 with two-concert program involving Deutschlandradio Kultur to cover the project. The First Performance will feature only Arab composers solo works by Bushra el Turk, Zaid Moultaka and others.The main concert where the two ensembles will get together and present both european composers as Scelsci, and Arabs such as the Syrian Hassan Taha, who was selected in 2016 in the international composers rostrum ,and the well-known composition by Vykintas Baltakas “Lift to Dubai” which was premiered by Ensemble Modern Frankfurt. We saw a great potential in the Vilnius project and the collaboration between LEN and the EECMS Could successfully win the interest of the Goethe Institute in Cairo to support another presentation in the coming Cairo Contemporary Music Days (April-May) with at least two world premieres by Vykintas Baltakas and Justina Repekaitė, both compositions are inspired by their stay in Cairo and “Heritage and Modernity” Forum.

    - Besides LEN and ECME, the festival will feature other actors such as Athelase Ensemble (Denmark) and members of the Avanti Chamber Orchestra (Finland). 

    Presentation details and schedule:

    After Heritage and Modernity and the Project in Vilnius, the EECMS and Len are planning fortwo presentations in the Coming Cairo Contemporary Music Days 2017.

    Presentation 1 - Concert dedicated mainly to the new compositions developed through the interaction in “Heritage and Modernity” in Cairo last April. Those Compositions will be by Egyptain composer Amr Okba, Justine and Vykintas Baltakas.

  • Place: 
    Cairo - Egypt - Ewart memorial Hall
    the American University in Cairo
    Cairo University


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