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Musical/Cultural Exchange between Israel Composers' League and the Composer's Association of Serbia




  • Date: 
    Thursday, November 3, 2016 to Tuesday, November 22, 2016
  • Description: 

    We have created a collaborative project between Israel and Serbia.

    We aim to enlarge our musical contacts, to present contemporary music of other nations, to initiate an exchange of music and cultures, and hope that these contacts will continueinto the future. We aim to encourage the exposure of Israeli music and performers overseas, and to welcome representatives of foreign cultural organizations in Israel and grant them exposure to the local audience.

    In October 2016 an Israeli ensemble-"Meitar Ensemble", will participate in a Serbian Contemporary Festival:  'International Review of Composers', and will play a Seventy minutes concert composed of Serbian music and Israeli music.

    In November 2016 a Serbian Ensemble - "Rad Liste", will play a Seventy minutes concert in Israel, Tel-Aviv, and will play Israeli and Serbian music. This ensemble has already played Israeli Music and is interested in new Israeli pieces.

    Neda Hofman,the representative of the Serbian Ensemble, initiated this project following performances of Israeli music in Serbia. 

    We believe that both ensembles will continue playing foreign works to their local audience, thus helping us to promote our music around the world.

    Both countries will select all 12 pieces for both concerts by June 2016. (In Israel,there will be ananonymous competition in order to select the pieces for both concerts).

    Four players fromthe "Meitar Ensemble"- clarinet, violin/viola, Cello & piano will perform in Belgrade.

    Four performers - Mezzo Soprano, flute, Cello & piano from the "Rad Liste Ensemble" will perform in Tel Aviv.

    Each ISCM section will host the guest ensemble, includingconcert payment, hotel accommodation and meals. Each ISCM section will be responsible for producing and marketing its local concert.The Serbian concert in will take place during a major festival, gainingmajor publicity and audience. The concert in Israel will openthe 2016-2017 season, of the successful contemporary series – 'New Music on Campus' at the Tel-Aviv University Buchmann/Mehta School of Music, and will gain publicity through the media and through the University.

    In addition, we have planned a meeting between the "Red Liste" ensemble and young players who are interested in performing contemporary music, at the Tel Aviv Conservatory.

    About the participants:

    Meitar Ensemble:

    Praised by the NYTimes for their “excellence, poise and precision,” the Meitar Ensemble, founded in 2004 by artistic director Amit Dolberg, has established itself as a prominent array of virtuosos specializing in contemporary music. Based in Tel¬Aviv, they have been featured at some of the most prestigious venues worldwide, including the Centre Pompidou (Paris), the Purcell Room (London), the Radial System and BKA (Berlin), the Moscow Conservatory, Yale University, the 92Y (NYC), the Venice Biennale for Contemporary Music, Heidelberger Frueling Festival, Sound Ways festival St. Petersburg and more. Over the past ten years they have commissioned and premiered over 200 new works.. They have been acclaimed for their significant contribution to the development of Israeli culture and music, receiving the Binyaminy Award (2006), Partosh Award (2008), and the Landau Award (2010). Winners of the Silver Palm award for Best Documentary at the 2010 Mexico International Film Festival for their historical performance at the Wannsee Vila, "Am GrossenWannsee¬ The Wannsee Recordings", directed by EmreAmramSonmez. The Meitar Ensemble has initiated a unique educational youth program, the Tedarim Project, offering young musicians in all fields (performance, conducting and composing) an opportunity to learn, explore and perform new music at the highest level. A special program for children "What's that noise?", contemporary music for the whole family has won great success and claimed many praises. In addition the ensemble has established CEME, New Music Festival and Master Courses for young professional musicians. Among their visiting guests are Ivan Fedele, Philippe Leroux, Fabian Panisello, Pierre¬AndreValade and Ensemble Modern members and more.

    Rad Listeensemble:

    Construction Site New Music Ensemble from Belgrade, Serbia, was founded in late 2011, by the pianist Neda Hofman. Her goal was to organize a group of musicians who shared the same interests and enthusiasm for modern music. The ensemble has twenty members who are all renowned performers with great experience in interpretation of contemporary repertoire. They play in different combinations (from duo to big chamber ensembles), and often perform soloist literature as well.

    Their repertoire consists of 20th and 21st century music, especially of pieces that represent the historical development of modern music. Construction Site also realizes recordings of compositions written by Serbian and international authors. The ensemble regularly performs pieces of music dedicated to them.

    About the Serbian Festival: "International Review of Composers"

    The Composers Association of Serbia initiated in 1992 a festival named International Review of Composers, which was to become the most important event of its kind in the country. In the twenty five years of its existence this festival presented more than 1160 compositions from Serbia, former Yugoslavia, the region and the entire world. Festival programs featured more than 510 composers. The performing forces included eleven orchestras (nine times Belgrade Philharmonic, ten times Symphony Orchestra of Serbian Broadcasting Company, twice the famous Klangforum from Vienna, three times the Alternance ensemble from Paris, the Sonanza orchestra from Sweden…). Furthermore, 55 chamber ensembles, 29 conductors and 450 soloists also made their valuable contributions. Our calls for scores attract every year around 300 submissions from all over the world. 

    . About The Israel section:

    The Israel Composers' League (ICL) was founded in 1953. Its aim is to promote all kinds of contemporary concert music written in Israel, to improve the general welfare of composers living in the country and to bring the knowledge and awareness of music written by Israeli composers to the general public. It functions as the local section of the ISCM (International Society for Contemporary Music) and the ACL (Asian Composers' League). 

    The League directs its main activities to organizing concerts, competitions for composers (young composers in particular), encouragement of young performers playing Israeli music, educational lectures at conservatories and academies of music and cultural exchanges of concerts and lectures with similar organizations in foreign countries. The Israel Composers' League has established its own publishing house ( IMC - Israeli Music Center), which publishes and distributes our members' works. The ICL is also active in producing CDs of Israeli music culminating with the 2003 release of "Psanterin" - an anthology of Israeli piano music of the 20th century. 

    The Israel Composers' League is a nonprofit organization, supported by the Ministry of Culture and Education, membership fees and contributions.

    About The  Serbian section:

    The Composers Association of Serbia was founded in 1945. It has continuously worked as one of the most renowned and most important institutions in Serbia ever since it was founded by the Serbian Ministry of Culture. Members of the Association are composers (artistic and popular music) and music writers.

    The principal activities of the Association are promotion of pieces by Serbian composers both at home and abroad, taking care of composers and their material and social status, stimulating musicians to participate in contemporary music performance, publishing scores and audio editions as well as musicological studies dedicated to the music of Serbian composers.

    In 1994 the Association established the Mokranjac Prize for an outstanding composition performed for the first time during the previous year. Since 1992 it organizes the International Review of Composers.

    The Composers Association of Serbia is member of ISCM, ECPNM and ECSA.

  • Place: 
    Belgrade, Serbia


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