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ISCM WMD 1924 Prague, Salzburg 




Festival details

  • Place: 
  • Year: 
  • Date: 
    Sat, 31/05/1924 to Sat, 09/08/1924
  • Locations

    WMD Festival 1924 Prague Prague
    Czech Republic
    50° 3' 34.812" N, 14° 27' 56.2428" E
    WMD Festival 1924 Salzburg Salzburg
    47° 48' 10.116" N, 13° 3' 23.148" E
  • Local Time:
    Friday, April 3, 2020 - 12:17
  • Weather nearby: Salzburg 12:00-18:00

    Partly cloudy
    Partly cloudy
    10 °C


Ernest Ansermet, Béla Bartók, Alfredo Casella, Eugene Goossens, Charles Koechlin, Rudolf Schulz-Dornburg, Václav Štepán.

Prague (31 May - 2 June 1924)

This was the first orchestral music festival of the ISCM (which was Part One of the 1924 festival). 
It was presented in connection with a large Prague music festival in celebration of the Smetana centenary


Saturday, 31 May 1924

Bedřich Smetana (1824-1884, Czechoslovakia): Pražský karneval (1883)
Otakar Ostrčil (b. 1879, Czechoslovakia): Symfonietta, op. 20 (1921)
Vittorio Rieti (b. 1898, Italy): Concerto for wind quintet and orchestra (1923)
Florent Schmitt (b. 1870, France): "Bacchanale" from Antoine et Cléopâtre, Suite No. 2, op. 69b (1920)
Karl Horwitz (b. 1884, Austria): Vom Tode for baritone and large orchestra (1922)
Ernest Bloch (b. 1880 Switzerland; living in USA after 1916): 22nd Psalm for baritone and orchestra (1914)
Arthur Honegger (b. 1892, France; in Switzerland): Pacific 231 (1923)

Sunday, 1 June 1924

Eduard Erdmann (b. 1896, Latvia; emigrated to Germany): Symphony No. 2, op. 12 (1923)
Serge Prokofiev (b. 1891, Russia [now Ukraine], then living in Germany): Violin Concerto (No. 1), op. 19 (1916-17)
Arnold Bax (b. 1883, England): Symphony (No. 1) in Eb major (1922)
Igor Stravinsky (b. 1882, Russia, then living in France): Le Chant du Rossignol (1917)

Monday, 2 June 1924

Albert Roussel (b. 1869, France): Symphony No. 2 in Bb, op. 23 (1919-21)
Karol Szymanowski (b. 1882, Poland): Violin Concerto (No. 1), op. 35 (1916)
Gian Francesco Malipiero (b. 1882, Italy): Impressioni dal Vero, 3rd Suite (1922)
Josef Suk (b. 1874, Czechoslovakia): Zrání (The Ripening), Symphonic Poem, Op.34 (1912-1917)


Additional concert programs later in the festival featuring new music....

Wednesday, 4 June 1924

Arnold Schönberg (b. 1874, Austria): Bearbeitung für grosses Orchester von Zwei Choralvorspielen J. S. Bachs für Orgel (1922)
Alexander von Zemlinsky (b. 1871, Austria): Lyric Symphony, op. 18, for voice and orchestra (1923) [world premiere]

Friday, 6 June 1924

Arnold Schönberg (b. 1874, Austria): Erwartung, op. 17, monodrama for soprano and orchestra (1909) [world premiere] 



Singers: Maria Gutheil-Schoder (for Schönberg), Stepän Chodounsky
Violin soloists: Joseph Szigeti, Alma Moodie
Conductors: Vaclav Talich, Rudolf Schulz-Dornburg, Fritz Reiner, Gregor Fitelberg, Alfredo Casella, Martin Witkowski, Alexander v. Zemlinsky (Schönberg)
Orchestra: Czech Philharmonic


Salzburg (6 - 9 August 1924)

Chamber music festival of the ISCM (Part Two of the 1924 festival)


Wednesday, 6 August 1924

Arnold Bax (b. 1883, England): Sonata for viola and piano (1922)
Kurt Weill (b. 1900, Germany): Frauentanz, lieder for soprano, viola, flute, clarinet, bassoon, and horn, op. 10
Heinrich Kaminski (b. 1886, Germany): Drei geistliche Lieder für Soprano, violin and clarinet (1923)
Ildebrando Pizzetti (b. 1880, Italy): Sonata in F for cello and piano (1921)
Ernst Kanitz (b. 1894, Austria): Drei Lieder, op. 8 and 9
Ladislav Vycpálek (b. 1882, Czechoslovakia): Lieder, op. 5 and op. 14 
Ernst Krenek (b. 1900, Austria): String Quartet No. 4, op. 24 (1923) [world premiere]

Thursday, 7 August 1924

Willem Pijper (b. 1894, Netherlands): Septet for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, doublebass, and piano (1920)
Peter Warlock (b. 1894, England): The Curlew for tenor, flute, English horn and string quartet (1920-22)
Ralph Vaughan-Williams (b. 1872, England): On Wenlock Edge, song cycle for tenor, string quartet, and piano (1909)
Zoltán Kodály (b. 1882, Hungary): Sonata for violin and cello (Duo), op. 7 (1914)
Alexander Shenschin (b. 1890, Russia; then USSR): Der undurchbrechliche Kreis (Unbreakable Circle) op. 8, 5 romances on poems by Aleksandr Blok for baritone and piano (1922)
Paul Hindemith (b. 1895, Germany): String Trio (No. 1), op. 34 (1924) [world premiere]

Friday, 8 August 1924

John Ireland (b. 1879, England): Sonata for cello and piano (1923)
Gian Francesco Malipiero (b. 1882, Italy): String Quartet No. 2 Stornelli e Ballate (1923)
Eric Satie (b. 1866, France): Socrate for voice and chamber orchestra (1917-17)
Francis Poulenc (b. 1899, France): Sonata for clarinet and bassoon (1922)
Karol Szymanowski (b. 1882, Poland): Etudes for piano, op. 33 (1915)
Othmar Schoeck (b. 1886, Switzerland): Gaselen, op. 38, song cycle to texts by G. Keller for baritone with flute, oboe, bass clarinet, trumpet, and piano (1923)
Erwin Schulhoff (b. 1894, Czechoslovakia): 5 pieces for string quartet (1924) [world premiere]

Saturday, 9 August 1924

Philipp Jarnach (b. 1892 France, then living in Germany): String Quartet, op. 16 (1924)
Boleslav Vomáčka (b. 1887, Czechoslovakia): Adagio/Tempo rubato from the suite Hledání (Sinnen und Suchen), op. 4, Nr.2, for piano (1921)
Karel Boleslav Jirák (b. 1891, Czechoslovakia): Marsch, Berceuse, and Scherzando from Na rozhrani, op. 24, for piano (1923)
Darius Milhaud (b. 1892, France): Catalogue des Fleurs, op. 60 [settings of poems by Lucien Daudet] for soprano and small orchestra (1920)
Georges Auric (b. 1988, France): Alphabet [7 quatrains by Raymond Radiguet] for soprano and piano (1922)
Egon Wellesz (b. 1885, Austria): Kleine Suite (Die Nächtlichen: Tanzsinfonien), op. 37, for seven instruments (1924)
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco (b. 1895, Italy): Coplas for soprano and piano (1915)
Igor Stravinsky (b. 1882, Russia, then living in France): Octet for winds (1923)


Singers: Marya Freund, Lotte Leonard, Charles A. Case, Heinrich Rehkemper

Violinists: Willem de Boer, Imre Waldbauer

Violoncellists: Paul Hermann, Beatrice Harrison, Gilberto Crepax

Pianists: Harriet Cohen, Alberto Casella, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Walter Frey, Henri Gil-Marchex, Willem Pijper, Vaclav Stepän

Winds: H.W. Draber, Werner Reinhart, Poul Hagemann

Conductors: Alfredo Casella, Philipp Jarnach, Hermann Scherchen, Othmar Schoeck

Ensembles: Amar-Quartett (mit Paul Hindemith), Quartetto Veneziano, Zika-Quartett, Zürcher Tonhalle-Quartett, Bläser des Frankfurter Opernhausorchesters, Bläser des Tonhalleorchesters Zürich.


Anton Haefeli: Die Internationale Gesellschaft für Neue Musik (IGNM), Ihre Geschichte von 1922 bis zur Gegenwart (Atlantis Musikbuch-Verlag, 1982), pp. 481-482.

Nicolas Slonimsky: Music Since 1900, Sixth Edition edited by Laura Kuhn (Schirmer Reference, 2001), pp. 194 and 196.




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