Tiina Myllärinen: Kaikki kuuluu Värinä

June 18, 2021 / ISCM


Tiina Myllärinen (b. 1979) writes music that has been described as cheerfully inquisitive, vigorous, and original. She has composed orchestral, choral, chamber, and solo works and has also experimented with electroacoustic music and video. Outside Finland works by her have been performed in the United States, Italy, England, Austria, Germany, Lithuania, Iceland, and Norway. Among those who have commissioned works from her are the Pro Musica Foundation, the Helsinki Chamber Choir, the University of Helsinki, the Time of Music festival, the Uusinta ensemble, the Polytech Choir (PK), and the “ja kitara soi” guitar festival.

Kaikki kuuluu Värinä (2009/2018) explores the colours of different vowels in choir music. The text is written by Henriikka Tavi. The text emphasizes always one or two vowels at a time, and makes a rotation of the vowels. This rotation relates to the rotation of seasons and times of day. The choir has often a very thick texture with a lot of text. On top of this the two soprano soloists sing another text. They are always in a different place in the vowel rotation than the rest of the choir, which creates a tension between the choir and the soloists.

Tiina Myllärinen: Kaikki kuuluu Värinä (2009/2018)
Värinä Chamber Choir, Kamarikuoro Värinä
Conducted by Noora Hirn
This is the First Performance of the mixed voices version commissioned by Kamarikuoro Värinä in 2018.
The recording was done at the 5th anniversary concert of Värinä at Paavalinkirkko on October 27, 2018.




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