1st Hangzhou Contemporary Music Festival “Art Creation Awards” International Orchestral Composition Competition 2020

1st Hangzhou Contemporary Music Festival “Art Creation Awards” International Orchestral Composition Competition 2020
The 1st “Art Creation Awards” International Orchestral Composition Competition 2020 is one of the events of the Hangzhou Contemporary Music Festival 2020 to encourage young composers to create more original works. Rather than just a single-orientation competition, it is blended with concerts, master forums and composition workshops and offers all the winning entries a first-rate professional rehearsal and performance. Brought into such a direct contact with maestroes and audiences as well as the fantastic musical environment of Zhejiang Conservatory of Music for an entire week, the winning composers will enjoy a very rewarding experience.
The judges for the 2020 Award are Salvatore Sciarrino (Italy), Francesco Filidei (Italy), Narong Prongcharoen (Thailand), Liam Cagney (Ireland), Wang Rui (China),Ye Xiaogang (China), Weng Chigeng (China), Guo Ming (China), and Wen Deqing (Switzerland). The panel will determine and declare with an evaluation the prizes of the six finalist works selected from the entries at the “Art Creation Awards” Composition Competition Final Concert by the Zhejiang Symphony Orchestra at 19:30 on 27 September 2020.
• First Prize (1 winner): 100,000 RMB (before taxes)
• Second Prize (2 winners): 50,000 RMB (before taxes)
• Third Prize (3 winners): 20,000 RMB (before taxes)
The competition organizer will provide the finalists with a festival pass to the Hangzhou Contemporary Music Festival 2020 and the non-local winners with the accommodation during the festival (from September 24 – 28 2020) plus the round trip transportation between the station or airport and the hotel in the city of Hangzhou. The finalists are responsible for any travel costs outside the city.
1. No entry fee.
2. The competition is open to composers up to 40 years old (born after the 1st of January of 1980). Only one orchestral work per participant will be accepted (no concerto).
3. Duration about: 10- 12 minutes.
4. Instrumentation: 3333/4331/4 Perc.1Timp./1Harp/.14 12 10 8 6.
5. Entries must be wholly original works composed by the entrant after 2019 and have never been previously performed.
6. Please email the full score of the entry in PDF format to [email protected] prior to 1st August 2020. Please DO NOT include the name or any other contact details of the composer in the scores.
Please include the following information in the email submission:
• A scanned copy of the ID card or passport
• One high-resolution photo ( at least 1M)
• A contact telephone number, email address and mailing address
• A short bio (about 100 words)
• A brief description of the entry (about 100 words)
7. The winners must be available for the rehearsal and the final concert competition and submit one additional composition of any instrumentation less than 10 minutes with the full score (4 copies) and recording to the composition workshop in the afternoon on 28 September 2020.
2020 Hangzhou Contemporary Music Festival Committee