2014/01/27 – Risuonanze 2014 – incontri di nuove musiche

2014/01/27 the “Risuonanze 2014 – incontri di nuove musiche” Festival, which will take place on early June, 2014, in Friuli Venezia Giulia region Italy is calling for pieces for solo piano, or solo flute [C Flute, and/or Piccolo, and/or G Alto flute, one only player], or solo oboe, or solo trombone, or solo harp, or solo toy-piano (Schoenhut Traditional Spinet – 25 keys, range: C2 to C4), or solo voice [mezzo-soprano, range: F3 to F5 (piano dynamics) or Ab5 (forte dynamics)], or voice (mezzo-soprano, range as before) and piano; use of tape and electronics is not allowed. ….read more