2014/02/15 The 6th International Competition

2014/02/15 The 6th International Competition and Festival of Soloists and Chamber Groups Svirél between March 28 and April 13, 2014 will inspire with its young participants in the castle of Štanjel in Karst Region a special artistic atmosphere. Hoping to offer the most promising Slovenian and foreign musicians the best, the organizational team of Svirél constantly tends to raise the quality of the competition so it could become more and more attractive – for musicians of almost every instrument. In 2014 Svirél is enlarging its competition disciplines: primary discipline of woodwind, brass and percussion groups of instruments, and after successfully incorporating discipline of string and plucked strings instruments, it is now wider with the discipline of accordion. For the first time in Slovenia will compete united in the same discipline piano, diatonic and chromatic accordionists. ….read more