2017 The 6th China – ASEAN Music festival experience summary

Since its launch in 2012, China-ASEAN Music Week has been successfully held for four sessions with the opportunities of time vouchsafed by Heaven,advantages of situation afforded by the Earth, The union arising from the accord of Men. Today, is by the original performances and seminars with small scale, low music group participation at home and abroad, and now has grown into a modern Chinese music creation and performance of the “Beijing modern music festival”, “Shanghai contemporary music”, “China – asean singles”, one of the three largest music platform, enjoys a high reputation in domestic and international music industry.
Now, I will make a brief summary of the experience, current situation and development of China-ASEAN Music Week:
1.analysis of current situation
At present, the current situation of china-asean music week can be summarized as the following 7 aspects:

Become one of the three music platforms in China’s modern music creation and exhibition. The other two platforms are the “Beijing modern music festival”, which is hosted by the central music college and hosted by Shanghai music college, “Shanghai contemporary music week”.
The visiting experts and scholars and performance groups are increasing each year.From Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and other asean countries musicians are involved, in addition, we also extended to the United States, Germany, France, Switzerland, the Czech republic, Poland and other European and American countries, Japan, South Korea and other Asian countries, as well as Chinese music colleges and musicians in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao area.In 2015, there were more than 20 countries visiting music week, and 200 musicians.There will be nearly 30 visiting countries and 230 musicians this year.
High-quality concerts and academic exchanges.Held since 2012, when “China – asean singles”, has been successfully performed hundreds of concerts, performance for hundreds of music works from home and abroad, as well as more than 10 games “high-end BBS”, caused the musicians’ attention and high praise at home and abroad, to China and southeast Asia as well as the development of modern music exchanges around the world, has played an important role.
The concept diversified development.Singles adhering to the “combination of traditional and modern, nation and the world of finance” this purpose, to promote the development of China’s national music and spread, show the charm of Chinese folk music to the world.Now, the “china-asean music week” has formed the world of music culture in southeast Asia.This has not only greatly promoted cultural exchanges between China and southeast Asia, but also enhanced economic and cultural exchanges and cooperation between different countries and regions.
We have greatly improved the level of music in our school.In the music creation, the new works created by our teachers have an average of 30 parts per session.In the play, symphony orchestra, national music orchestra of our school, such as “li river” chamber orchestra playing professional teachers and students, each session of rehearsals, performances more concerts, through these difficult contemporary music works, the rehearsal playing obtained the very big enhancement;In singing, in each of the art song competition, the winning works are performed by our teachers.Through the presentation of different kinds of concerts, we can show the talents of music professionals to the whole country and the whole world, so that the level of music can be greatly promoted and promoted.
It provides a good platform for music art and culture for the whole country and the world.First-class musicians from all over the world gathered at the same time, the same place every year at the art institute of guangxi to communicate, not only to promote and promote the development of contemporary music, has increased our presence in guangxi college of art.Serious music, although it is small and all the music, but music from us every concert nothing reclined at the table of the audience to see, for our activities formed a good audience, this many abroad at a small modern concert is a rare phenomenon.From another point of view, our school for many years, so don’t say all over the world, even communicate with domestic music are very few, through this platform to promote china-asean singles we communicate with the outside more convenient, frequently.Relative to the developed cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, we don’t deny yourself at a disadvantage, but through the continuous improvement of subjective, to the world at the China – asean singles would follow an international rules, such as we no longer buy ticket for them, thus forming a kind of equality of cultural exchange.I believe this phenomenon will soon form.
This year’s event forecast: 2016 for the celebration of the fifth china-asean singles for June 7 to 13, in the 7 day period, a total of 24 different styles of the concert, three peak BBS, 6 master class lectures and solo piano works games such as wonderful international academic exchanges.Is one of the highlights of this year have invited more than 100 members of the association of southeast Asian nations musician, China – asean singles will represent countries to communicate with asean on the music, virtually increased the international status of China – asean singles.

2. Summary of experience
Guangxi has connected with asean countries on land or sea of the unique geographical advantages, as a maritime silk road and the silk road in the 21st century economy organic link important portal of China – asean singles is under the background of the national major strategic deployment, and asean countries to carry out a cultural exchanges in the field of music. Under the advantage of trails, the china-asean singles the key and the most important to the success of experience, I think, is the spirit of cooperation, solidarity, show solidarity cooperation spirit can be divided into the following four aspects:

The school party committee leadership attaches great importance to it.China – asean music week has been included in the 13th five-year plan of our university, which has become one of the 15 major events in 2015, which has been fully appreciated by the school leadership.Before each session of the music week, the school leaders called the colleges and universities to carry out all kinds of work actively. In terms of financial resources, material resources and manpower, they were able to escort the music week.Music, for example, by the people’s government of guangxi, promote and support the news office of each hold before XuanSi, vice President of the Hou Daohui is hands-on, vice President of the host news conferences;During the opening ceremony, the leaders of deng jun and the President of zheng junli attended the concert and made good Suggestions for the event.XuanSi, deputy director of the minister of propaganda department minister Huang Daowei OuDangWei please go to the concert music scene, to make the province the leadership for singles have a new understanding and the definition, which makes music OuDangWei propaganda department of guangxi art high-quality goods project.
All the teachers and students attended the school.Music college, orchestra, film and television and media, humanities, national art institute, national art institute, international education college, symphony orchestra, etc.The new work, music, music, and audio recording to external contact and reception, both teachers and students actively participate in this, forming a good music art atmosphere.Every student and teacher who participates in the activity does not put personal gains and losses in the main position of the master spirit, and it is worth making each and every one of us be grateful.It is also a unique phenomenon and an advantage that the whole country and the world hold festivals.Last year, for example, invitation to visit Canada Esprit symphony orchestra performances, their head, command Alex Pauk came later, in nanning and we are the so-called “surprise”, guangxi arts college is thought to “adventure” a show, I didn’t expect to have such a high quality of the concert and good music art atmosphere.
The organization of music college is organized and meticulous.Our leadership from dean, secretary and deputy director, deputy secretary of the attaches great importance to the singles, and set up academic group, propaganda team, security group, stage practice group, leading group for financial logistics group, any queries, and so on.As the dean, I have been responsible for the main leadership role, from ensuring the quality of the concert performance, organizing the orchestra to rehearse performances and receiving foreign guests, etc.As an artistic director, professor zhong juncheng played a key role in the active coordination of the whole activity from beginning to end.Zhang mei’s party secretary, who is personally in charge of the concert, the ceremony of the concert, and other performances;Vice President zeng cheng has a strict control over singing.All the teachers and students from playing, singing staff to volunteer efforts to give, promote the orderly and smooth operation of the activity.Every day to make a presentation at the event updates the concert performance information, the original cream professor wu, vice President of the organization of academic group all-night work, ensure that the next day briefing to each experts, scholars, across the country and the world music festival is rare, it is also the innovation of our hard work. Apart from the full cooperation of the school leaders and teachers and students, we also need the support from the relevant institutions of the outside school.Shanghai and Beijing modern music festival art director professor xiaogang ye Wen Deqing contemporary music art director professor, at the same time, the teacher is teaching experience of section office for us to introduce the international first-class musicians and group, the development of China – asean singles brought a qualitative leap.In addition, under the correct guidance of the international modern music society (ISCM), we have provided a wide range of contacts. All in all, the success of china-asean music week has been so successful that I think it can be summed up in the following 12 characters, namely, the right time and place and sincere solidarity and cooperation.The former is the objective factors and the latter is the subjective factor, it is because the combination of internal cause and external cause, especially the unity cooperation, plays a very important role, to a virtuous circle of care, which has produced the china-asean singles in the dominant position in the field of professional and great social influence.

3.Development goals
Throughout the whole world pattern of music, obviously, we have preliminarily formed three pillar of China, in the international modern music association has received recognition around the world, has created a unique status in society, also has made some achievements, but the future is always an important topic how to better development, therefore, we should conscientiously sum up experience, to cleave to their own characteristics and advantages in innovation. I believe that the improvement of china-asean music week can be divided into four points:

Strengthen software construction and improve music professional level. On music creation, singing, playing, also has many insufficiencies, it should improve the quality of music creation, singing, playing, introduce talents, do real and the world, to truly world-class goal.
Strengthen hardware construction and promote standardized management. In the past, the use of the concert hall has been extremely high, like the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony, and it is suggested to lead the new concert hall in the planning of the future, and renovate and renovate the new center.
Ensure the publication and preservation of audio, total spectrum and articles. The works produced by the teachers of our hospital suggest the publishing of audio, video and general spectrum information. In addition, follow-up articles should be followed up, such as the review of the annual publication of the music journal of the people, and the Chinese music yearbook, which is hosted by Shanghai music college, which contains a review of 1 to 4 sessions. In this regard, we should also expand publicity to ensure the integrity of the information.
Further strengthen external contact and exchange. In the aspects of performance and academic activities, we should further strengthen the communication with asean countries, especially in the field of subject research, which can be summarized in the research subject. All in all, we only learn, summarize experience and lessons, for continuous improvement and optimization to make China – asean singles are always full of energy, power and competitiveness, to keep the china-asean singles with music show one of the important platform of China and the world, and to lay a solid foundation for hosting the 2021 world music festival, through solidarity spirit of cooperation, we have the confidence, will do in the true sense of the china-asean singles world-class large-scale international music exchange activities.