Orchestral Composition Competition Based on “March for Our Beloved”

Orchestral Composition Competition Based on the Song “March for Our Beloved”

– Orchestral Music (Western Music style) composed for two wind instruments
※ Submission work be one person one work

– New and experienced composer from domestic and foreign countries
※ No restrictions on age, academic background or nationality
< Details for Required Work>
– Based on the Song, ‘March for Our Beloved'(Composed by Kim, JR), a transformed song enhancing universal, audience friendly music, showing the way of rich and colorful composition method of composer.
– A work musically enhancing the subject (background) and the melody of ‘March for Our Beloved’

– Standard orchestral formation: 2222 4221 timp, percs, strings.
* Excluding Electronics

 * Individual woodwind instruments (Piccolo, Alto Flute, English Horn, Bass Clarinet, Contra Bassoon)

* 1 Piano, 1 Harp available, 2 percussionists (most common orchestral percussion instruments) not including timpanist.
– Excluding works requiring choir, concerto or concert song 

– Unpublished works at home or abroad
※ Should not infringe copyright of third party.
– When a dispute arises due to plagiarism etc., applicant shall take the whole responsibility and costs.

※ if problem arises after selection, it can be cancelled.

– Playing time: 10 to 15 minutes
Composition method: Free

– Performing plan : Undecided (will be noticed after selection)
Best work: 10 million won (1 person)
Excellent work: 7 million won (1 person)
Good work: 5 million won (1 person)

 ※ Prize money tax included, both for domestic and international selected people

※ Depending on the level of the work quality, there may be no selection.


– Application form (A4) 1 copy
Worksheet (A4) 1 copy
Confirmation letter (A4) 1 copy
Music sheet (Overall) A3 paper output 5 copies, recording or MIDI recording file (USB or CD) 

※ Application form download: Gwangju Cultural Foundation homepage (www.gjcf.or.kr) – Notice
※ Submission : One copy of Application form, Work description, Confirmation letter; 5 copies of music sheet, one file
※ No mention of work name/ composer name on music sheet

Application method and period

– Download application form: Gwangju Cultural Foundation homepage (www.gjcf.or.kr) – Notice

– Application Period: Oct 22 (Mon) ~ Oct 31 (Wed) 18:00, 2018

– How to apply: Direct or postal mail (valid with postal stamp of the day of deadline)

※ Application Agency

– Postal code: 61636

- Address: Person in Charge of Orchestral Work for “March for Our Beloved” (4th floor)
Citizen Culture Tourism Team, Gwangju Cultural Foundation Cultural Business Center
7 Cheonbyeonja-ro 338 St, Nam-gu, Gwangju, Korea

– Selection method: Screening music sheets

- Composition of judging committee: Relevant experts appointed

- Selection announcement: November 20, 2018 (Tuesday)

※ Noticed on Gwangju Cultural Foundation homepage (www.gjcf.or.kr) and individual notification
The nominee must submit the required sheet music and others required by the Foundation until November 30, 2018

Application method and deadline

– The works submitted shall not be publicly played until the announcement of selected works.

– Authorship rights of selected works belong to Gwangju Cultural Foundation for 5 years.
Anonymity is guaranteed for the applicants’ works and personal information, except for those of selected applicants

After the announcement of the selection, the unselected works will not be returned.
Other inquiries: Project Manager, Gwangju Cultural Foundation (Kim, Jeong seon) 062-670-7463
※ Inquiry E-mail ([email protected]). We reply.
The link of Application form and Song Score: