The 9th Rivers Awards Composition Competition (RACC) 2020

— Regulations ——
I. General ProvisionsThe Rivers Awards Composition Competition aims to promote extensive exchange between Chinese and Western music, encouraging innovative and explorative composition for Chinese and Western musical instruments, and build a high-end platform to introduce outstanding original musical works to the public.
II. OrganizationHost: Shanghai Conservatory of Music(SHCM)Organizer: The Composition Department of Shanghai Conservatory of MusicJury: The Jury Panel will consist of experts and professors from prestigious Chinese and international music institutions.
III. Competition Requirements1. A positive theme that embodies the spirit of the modern era is a basic requirement for the entries of this competition, which should be created with novel methods and rich in artistic appeal.2. This competition is open to participants under the age of 45 (born after December 31st, 1975) regardless of their nationality, location and profession. The participants may be professional composers or teachers and students specializing in composition. No entry fee will be required from the participants.3. Entries of the competition should be composed for the following designated Chinese and Western musical instruments, involving a total number of 3-9 performers.i) Instruments and number of performers: 1 Dizi-bamboo flute (doubling Xiao), 1 Pipa, 1 Erhu and 1 piano, 2 violins, 1 viola, 1 cello, 1 double bass.ii) Pre-recorded music or electronic music compositions will not be accepted.4. The duration of the music should be 5-8 minutes and be marked clearly on the first page of the score.5. The compositions submitted for this competition should be of original music work composed by each participant him/herself that has not been officially published or received any official awards. Participants should provide a clean and clear score of his/her composition anonymously. Any sign or mark made to the score that has no relation to the composition itself he/she will be disqualified.6. Application materials required include:i) For printed documents (sent by post): a) a tidy and clear score; b) a registration form correctly filled and signed by the participant; c) a recently-taken photo (33m*49mm); d) a copy of the participant’s valid ID card or the biographical page of his/her passport (which contains picture and personal information)ii) For electronic documents (sent by e-mail): Please email the electronic version of the above-mentioned four documents (the score should be provided in pdf format) to the Organizing Committee at [email protected] before the deadline.7. All the materials required must be submitted by post (subject to postmark date) and by e-mail before 5:00pm, Wednesday, May 6th, 2020. Participants may contact the Organizing Committee if they have any questions or enquires.8. Any composition that doesn’t meet the above requirements will be disqualified (Members of the Jury Panel and the Organizing Committee are not allowed to take part in the competition). All materials submitted will be kept on file by the Host and will not be returned).[Contact Information]Organizing Committee of the 9th Rivers Awards Composition CompetitionComposition Department, Shanghai Conservatory of MusicAddress: Room 304, Teaching Building, No. 20 Fenyang Rd., Shanghai, ChinaEmail: [email protected] Code: 200031Tel: 008621-64314220Fax: (Website under construction)Contact person: DENG Ruoxi
IV. Procedure of Selection1. To ensure fairness of the competition, all the composition works will be numbered and sealed up before selection.2. The competition will be divided into two stages. The preliminary round will be based on the submitted scores and ten finalists will be selected. The finals will take place in the form of a final live performance, where the award-winning compositions will be selected and announced. In the light of the seriousness and authoritativeness of the competition, certain awards will be left vacant if no composition meets the criteria.3. The awards for the competition are categorized as follows:Award Quota Amount of the prize (Tax included)First Prize 1 ¥ 50,000Second Prize 2 ¥ 30,000Third Prize 3 ¥ 10,000Finalist Prize 4 ¥ 5,000
V. Final Live Concert and Awards Ceremony1. The finalists should participate in the Final Live Concert and the Summit Forum of Rivers Awards-Winning Works, with their travel and accommodation expenses during the competition covered by the Host.2. Time of the Final Live Concert: 7:15 p.m., Saturday, June 20th, 2020Venue: He Luting Concert Hall, Shanghai Conservatory of Music3. The winners of the competition will be announced on site upon the completion of the concert, which will be followed by the awards ceremony.VI. The Composer Forum of Rivers Awards – Winning Works1. Basic information:i) Time: 9:00am -11:30am, Sunday June 21st, 2020ii) Venue: Lecture Concert Hall of Shanghai Conservatory of Musiciii) Participants: competition finalists, jury members, performers, teachers and students of the Composition Department of SHCM, and other conferees2. Summit agenda:i) Speeches by the representative of the organizer and the chairman of the jury panel;ii) Brief introduction of their works by prize winners (five minutes for each);iii) Comments and discussions on prize-winning works by jury members;iv) Comments and discussions on prize-winning works by performers;v) Communication and exchange between conferees including the competition finalists, jury members, performers, teachers and students of the Composition Department of SHCM;vi) Summary speech by the representative of the organizer, and release of the competition information.
VII. Other Terms1. Relevant rights:i) The award winner holds the copyright of the winning composition.ii) The award winner must agree to grant the following rights to the Host free of charge:a) The organizer has the right to use the award-winning composition or any other forms of audio-visual products for non-commercial purpose.b) The organizer has the right to premiere the award-winning composition and the priority to publish and perform the winning composition.iii) Each award-winning composition, regardless of when and wherever it is performed, should be marked as a *** prize-winning composition of 2020 the Ninth Rivers Awards Composition Competition on the cover of the score or the program list of a concert.For example,In English: (This is) A third prize-winning composition of the 9th Rivers Awards Composition Competition 20202. The decision on the result of the competition made by the Jury Panel shall be held as final and definitive.3. There are two appendixes to this document, including a registration form (Annex I, to be filled and submitted) and an introduction of Chinese instruments and pitch range table (Annex II, for reference only).4. The right of interpretation of the above provisions is vested in the Organizing Committee.Organizing Committee of
The 9th Rivers Awards Composition Competition2020January 2020, Shanghai, China

Annex I- 2020 9th Rivers Awards registration Form
2020Annex II – The Rivers Awards  Instruments Introduction