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The Shanghai Conservatory of Music (SHCM), formerly the National Conservatory of Music, was founded by Cai Yuanpei and Dr. Xiao Youmei on November 27, 1927 as China’s first music education institution of higher learning. It was renamed in 1956 and was affiliated to the Ministry of Culture before 2000. Now, it is under the dual leadership of the ministry and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government.

Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, the conservatory has had numerous directors, successively from He Luting, Sang Tong, Jiang Mingdun, Yang Liqing, Xu Shuya, Lin Zaiyong and now to Liao Changyong.After 94 years, the SHCM has become an internationally renowned music school with departments of composition, conducting, musicology, music education and voice opera, etc. with an emphasis on performing arts and music research. The school has produced many talented musicians and is dubbed “a cradle of musicians”.

The SHCM now has 2,545 students (1,703 undergraduates, 759 graduates and 83 doctoral candidates) and 528 faculty members (307 lecturers, 59 professors, 113 associate professors, and 29 foreign teachers), and 72 foreign students from 20 countries.

The SHCM offers two post-doctoral programs and three first-class PhD and Master’s programs covering art theory, musicology as well as dance, drama and film disciplines in 26 subjects. The school also provides BA programs covering seven disciplines and 22 subjects from public administration to vocal and instrumental performance, musicology, composition, audio recording, digitial art, and art technology. The SHCM has 15 departments and an affliated middle school with an elementary section. It is the first music institution in China that combines elementary, secondary and higher education in one system.

The SHCM has established cooperative relationships with some of the world’s first-rate conservatories and music institutions and has invited many internationally-renowned musicians as guest lecturers and honorary professors. The conservatory is now a partner of more than 20 foreign music institutions such as the Royal College of Music, Manhattan School of Music, San Francisco Conservatory of Music, University of Music and Theatre Hamburg, and Sydney Conservatorium of Music.

The SHCM upholds the motto of “Harmony, Determination, Dignity and Sincerity” in cultivation of young artists who possess excellent performing skills and high moral integrity. It tries to lay a good foundation for the careers of all students through quality education. The conservatory boasts world-class facilities, harmony in campus life, academic freedom and achievements, and many talented musicians.

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