Institutional Overview

The National Composers Association (ANC) dates back to August 8, 1936. Mr. Domingo Santa Cruz and Mr. Armando Carvajal called the first meeting. The following year, it would be recognized as a legal entity. Thus, the new organization relied ample support from musicians and different institutions from that time. Till today, most Chilean composers have belonged or are current members. The first board was constituted by Mr. Pedro Humberto Allende as President, Mr. Domingo Santa Cruz as Secretary and Mr. Samuel Negrete as Treasurer.

Since then, the ANC has sought to stimulate and approach the artistic production of Chilean composers through the circulation and dissemination of their work. It has also contributed to the international musical exchange mainly between countries in the Americas.

To date, it is one of the oldest associations in the field of composition in the world, turning 85 years old. And since the 90s, it has shown an important, withstanding membership through increases and renewals.
As a cultural organization, the ANC has been characterized by its active role and commitment to the conservation and dissemination projects: it can be highlighted by the microfilming of more than 1000 original music sheets, the edition of a wide anthology of Chilean music into digital format (CD), the concert season “ANC in autumn” and bi-monthly published newsletter.

Further, the implementation of a permanent program of preservation and digitalization of original music sheets that is centralized at the National Library’s Music Archive, that aims to keep Chilean music heritage active and updated.

The passage of time and the arrival of the pandemic brought changes to audience behaviors and existing connections that caused the ANC to modify its line of work, quickly adapting itself. One of the essential measures taken was strengthening digital channels to guarantee access to information and changing from in-person to remote activities. As evidence of this process we have the implementation of the official website with an interface for mobile navigation.

Currently, the ANC has a propositional point of view directed towards art mediation by designing and implementing activities that allow effective exchanges between audiences, creators and members from different parts of the country who have been awarded in both national and international composition contests.


To procure the collaboration between Chilean composers; to encourage artistic production by improving the knowledge and dissemination of their work; and to contribute to the development of international music exchange.

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Current Membership type: Section
Member since: 2011

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Mail: [email protected] - David Cortés / President

Address: Bernarda Morin 440, Providencia

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