International public organization
Ukrainian section of the International Society for Contemporary Music/ISCM
Karmella Tsepkolenko, President

The Association New Music/ANM was founded in Odessa in 1995. In 1996 the ANM joined the International Society for Contemporary Music/ISCM as a full member representing all of Ukraine.
The idea to create the ANM emerged during planning for the first International Festival of modern art Two Days and Two Nights of New Music/2D2N (Odessa, 1995) by Ukrainian composer, founder, and artistic director of this festival Karmella Tsepkolenko, who is founder and President of the International Public Organization Association New Music.
The ANM activity is aimed at the development of New music and modern art in Ukraine. The principal task of the ANM is thorough support of composers, musicians, musicologists, cultural managers, and artists involved in the innovative trends of contemporary music and synthetic kinds of art. Proceeding from the ideal of free development of art, the ANM doesn’t limit the concept of New music by stylistic or ideological boundaries.
The ANM achieves its aims through the organizing and holding of various cultural forums, realizing audio and audio-visual recordings, producing CDs, publishing scores, and other production activities (electronic and hard copies).
The ANM is engaged in information and advertising activities, provides gratis management, fosters creative work and professional skills improvement, furthers contacts with colleagues and managers of the international musical community, assists in the performance and recording of music, encourages participation in festivals and competitions, and facilitates information exchange.
One of the current directions of ANM activity is organizing and holding cultural forums. The most well-known of these are: Theoretical Problems of Contemporary Music and Art (management of festivals, concerts and exhibitions), Open Master-Courses, Prima Vista (festival of audio-visual actions), Coming together (a meeting-festival of modern music), Wandering Art Academy (an organization of culture-education wandering actions), Art of Improvisation in the Contemporary World (a festival of improvisational kinds of art), Past and Future (an international festival-forum), Joining Through Art (an international forum of festivals directors and leaders of New music organizations), Dance Academy (festival, workshop, conference), and International Forum of Novel Art (conference [round-table] of art managers, representatives of MICs and festival directors).
Undoubtedly, the main ANM achievement in this field of activity is the annual International Festival of Modern Art Two Days and Two Nights of New Music, which is recognized as one of the most important musical events in Europe. 2D2N doesn’t imitate any other festival. Its uncommon distinction is that it unites new content with a novel festival form. It is an uninterrupted 48-hour action, two 12-hour musical days, starting on Friday afternoon, breaking on Saturday from 4 a.m. to 4 p.m. then recurring and continuing until Sunday morning. Each day of the Festival is divided into 12 musical hours. Its unique character results from the fact that an enormous composition, involving performers and audience, is created in a rather limited time period. Primarily owing to this Festival the ANM managed to attract public attention and a wide range of specialists, to draw in hundreds of first-class professional Ukrainian and foreign artists, composers, performers and musical managers. The Association records all pieces performed during Two Days and Two Nights of New Music and selected works were included in four CD releases (two of them is a double CD) and the DVD-ROM Association New Music – Self-Reflection at the Turn of Millennia which covers activities of the ANM within the period 1995 – 2005. It is part of the projects “International Forum of Novel Art” and “Cooperation Platform – Development of Art Management Training Center at the Association New Music” supported respectively by the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam, the Netherlands) and the International Renaissance Foundation (Kyiv, Ukraine).
The DVD-ROM can also be considered a summary of the ten-year work realized by the International public organization Association New Music on the development of New music, and it is a reflection of the ANM’s role in the processes that take place in contemporary Ukrainian culture.
Alongside the festival activities, the ANM also collects and distributes information about contemporary musical processes. Toward this aim the first Ukraine Musical Information Center/MIC specifically for Contemporary Music was created in 2000. The Association has received support from the International Renaissance Foundation (Ukraine), Pro Helvetia-Ukraine (Switzerland) and KulturKontakt (Austria) for the creation and development of the Musical-Information Center at the ANM. The main direction of the MIC activity is the collection, evaluation, and distribution of information about New music, and the development of a library. The library’s holdings include information about composers, musicians, performers, conductors, and musical teams who perform New music; scores; and over 1000 CD recordings of contemporary music. Musicians and teachers, students and pupils, all interested persons can use these editions free of charge.
ANM also prepares and edits various materials: journals, festival booklets, handbooks etc. Creation of electronic databases, catalogues, and encyclopaedias on contemporary Ukrainian music is important part of the ANM activity. The website of the Association was created in 1999 to promote contemporary Ukrainian art and the activities of the ANM. There are three main sections: ANM, Festival 2D2N and MIC. The ANM section includes information about the activities and members of the Association, and covers artistic events, actions, forums etc. Information concerning all editions of the Festival 2D2N, programs, New music performers, photo galleries etc. has been included in Festival 2D2N section. The section entitled MIC presents information about composers and performers. Visitors to the website may also listen to selected musical pieces (available in MP3 format).
The electronic version of methodological book Artistic Games is now located at the website as well.
Since 2000 ANM has edited the Ukrainian/English online-magazine Musica Ukrainica , where articles and research materials by famous Ukrainian and foreign musicologists, musicians, composers, journalists and cultural managers are published.
The first Ukrainian CD-ROM multimedia database, New music of Ukraine – composers, works, performers , was produced by the ANM in 2001. It contains Ukrainian/English information about 24 Ukrainian composers and New music performers (over 250 musicians and musical groups): photos, biographies, complete lists of works, addresses, as well as 3 – 5 recordings of every represented composer (a total of 12 hours of music, 57 selected works, in MP3 format) have been included in this CD-ROM.
A Ukrainian/English reference book, Contemporary Composers of Ukraine, featuring biographical data, photos, and complete lists of musical works of 33 Ukrainian contemporary music composers, has been published for the first time in Ukraine (2002).
In 2003, a double CD-ROM, “Candours of Mystery” was produced. This English/Ukrainian multimedia database contains information about 12 Ukrainian women composers and New music performers, featuring over 170 musicians and musical groups performing 111 pieces (22 hours of music in MP3 format).
In 2005, DVD-ROM Association New Music – Self-Reflection at the Turn of Millennia was issued in 1995. Multimedia database covers activities of the ANM during the period of 1995-2005.
In 2018, with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, a double CD was published with the best works of festivals of 2008–2018 also published an album-book “Two Days and Two Nights of New Music – International Festival of Contemporary Art 1995-2019” (480 p.). These publications were dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the festival.
In 2018, with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, a double CD with the best works of the 2008-2018 festivals and an album-book “Two Days and Two Nights of New Music – International Festival of Contemporary Art 1995-2019” (480 pp.) were published. These publications were dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the festival.
In 2020, with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, three volumes of the music book “Ukrainian Chamber Music of the XXI Century” with a total of 312 pages, a double CD “Two Days and Two Nights of New Music – International Contemporary Art Festival 2019-2020” with the best works of these festival editions, and the album-book “Festival through the Eyes of the Press: Two Days and Two Nights of New Music – International Contemporary Art Festival (1995-2020)” (596 pp.) were published.
Over the years, the New Music Association has prepared and published 12 CDs of contemporary music, 2 CD ROMs, DVD-ROMs, a Handbook of Contemporary Composers, two album-books, and over 90 booklets.
ANM represents Ukraine at various international forums, of which the annual Festival World Music Days, organized by the ISCM is the most important. K. Tsepkolenko, as the ANM President and a Chief delegate from Ukrainian Section of the ISCM, has participated in the General Assembly and annual festivals of World Music Days since 1997. Ukrainian composers and members of the ANM who have presented their works at this festival are: I. Aleksiychuk (Vilnius, Lithuania 2008,) A. Chibalashvili (Vancouver, Canada 2017), Gomelskaya (Luxemburg, 2000; Hong-Kong, 2002; Switzerland, 2004, Gothenburg, Sweden 2009, Zagreb, Croatia, 2011), M. Kolomiets’ (Brussel, Belgium 2012) A. Korsun (Wroclaw, Warsaw 2014), V. Runchak (South Korea, Tongyeong, 2016), V. Sylvestrov (Switzerland, Geneva 2004), O. Schetynsky (Zagreb, Croatia, 2005), O. Shmurak (Slovakia, 2013), K. Tsepkolenko (Bucharest, 1999; Yokohama, 2001, Switzerland, 2004); L. Yurina (Iaşi, 1999), Alla Zagaykevych (Stuttgart, Germany – 2006, Beijing China – 2018) and other.
ANM members participate in concerts and competitions all over the world. They represent Ukrainian art as well as benefit from their experience abroad. New invitations and awards demonstrate the success of Ukrainian musicians and composers: Ivan Yergiyev – Honoured artist of Ukraine, First Prize Laureate in Klingenthal International Competition of Accordion Soloists (Germany) and the International Competition Grand Prix (France); composer Karmella Tsepkolenko – awarded the B.Liatoshyns’kyj Prize of Ukrainian Ministry for Culture and Arts and Ukrainian Composers’ Union (2001); pianist Oleksandr Perepelytsya – Laureate at the 2nd International Art Competition Sribny Dzvin (Uzhgorod, Ukraine, 2001); Julia Gomelskaya – First Prize Laureate at the 2nd International Composers Competition (Comings, Belgium, 2003), and many others.
The ANM’s activities have also fostered the process of mutual exchange: Ukrainian musicians perform works by foreign composers, and foreign performers present works by contemporary Ukrainian composers.
Additionally, the ANM has experience in applied cultural management. Examples of this are joint ventures in cooperation with the Association KulturKontakt (Austria), Project Harmony (USA), Open Society Institute by the network Program (Hungary, Budapest) and Program APEXchanges at the European Cultural Foundation (The Netherlands, Amsterdam). The Association has also conducted training sessions for cultural managers and festival organizers from various countries, for example: training of the manager Samdandamba Badamkhorol, who is now Director of the Festival Roaring Hoofs (Mongolia), and training of Narek Tovmasyan – manager of Armenian Symphony Orchestra (2002). The Association also sends its members abroad for training and internships. Examples of such activities are: participation of composer Karmella Tsepkolenko in the European Summer Academy for Culture and Management (Saltsburg, Austria, 1999) and Program Culture Links (New York, 1996); the internship of manager Оleksandr D. Perepelytsya in the Program Community Connections Program (Project Harmony) at The Institute for Training and Development (Amherst, Massachusetts, USA, 2003); fellowships of musicologist Yuriy Semenov at DAAD (Germany, 2001), A. Onassis Foundation (Athens, Greece, 2002), and the P. Sacher Foundation (Basel, Switzerland, 2004); composer Svitlana Azarova received training by the Scholarship program of the Ministry of Culture Gaude Polonia (Warsaw, Poland, 2003) and a scholarship in composition at the European Centre for Arts Hellerau (Dresden, Germany, 2003-2004); scholarships received by Alexey Titov (accordion) and Oleksandr Perepelytsya junior (piano) at the European Centre for Arts Hellerau (Dresden, Germany, 2003-2004).
ANM also functions as a consultant on cultural management issues for other countries. One example of such assistance is the International Mongolian festival of new and traditional music Roaring Hoofs (1999-2004). ANM organized travel of Ukrainian musicians and managers to this event.
The original management model developed at the 2D2N festival has been successfully applied in several other countries: Mongolia – the festival of new and traditional music Roaring Hoofs, Kyrghyzstan – Golden Silk Sound Road, Vietnam Cracking Bamboo and others.
The Association also participates in cultural management training in Ukraine. For example, the Open Society Institute (Budapest, Hungary) supported the project “Cooperation Platform – Development of Art Management Training Centre at the Association New Music” (2003). During 2003-2004 the culture-education project Centre for Applied Cultural Management/CACM was initiated by the Association New Music and supported by Swiss Cultural Programme South-East Europe and Ukraine (Zurich, Switzerland). The Centre began work as an individual organization in October 2004. A specially developed, long-term course for the training of cultural managers was launched in January 2006.
The activities of the ANM, including all the events described above, have been realized through the unique experience and long-term cooperation of the Association with many institutions, including: Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine, International Renaissance Foundation (Ukraine), Foundation for the Promotion of the Arts Development (Kyiv, Ukraine), Austrian Embassy, Austrian CulturForum Kyiv and KulturKontakt (Austria), British Council, Greek Culture Foundation and Greek Consulate in Odessa, Gaudeamus Foundation, The European Cultural Foundation (the Netherlands), Goethe-Institut, German Musical Council and Ernst von Siemens Foundation (Germany), Institut Français – French Cultural Centre in Ukraine and AFAA Association (France), Pro Helvetia Foundation and Swiss Cultural Programme-Ukraine (Switzerland), Swedish Institute and others.
Due to the initiatives of its members, and the ANM’s fruitful cooperation with international institutions, new perspectives for the implementation of creative ideas as well as new projects at national and international levels have been established.

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