The Flemish Section of the ISCM was founded in 2005 and functioned as an umbrella organisation representing contemporary music life within the Dutch speaking community of Belgium. In November 2017, this role was transferred form the independent umbrella organisation ISCM-Vlaanderen vzw to MATRIX [New Music Centre].

New music – contemporary art music since 1950 – is the core business of MATRIX [New Music Centre] throughout several types of activities.
With its collection of over 23 320 scores, more than 14 820 audio recordings, and about 1 600 books and magazines, MATRIX houses one of the most important documentation centers on new music in Europe. While the core of the collection consists of music from Flanders, equal attention is paid to music from an international context. From this collection, which contains more than a few unpublished pieces, we regularly develop projects on contemporary musical heritage. MATRIX is also the home of a multifaceted educational service, dedicated to new music.
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In order to fulfill its role as a section of the ISCM as well as possible, MATRIX is supported by the Flanders Arts Institute (

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MATRIX [New Music Centre]
ISCM Flemish Section
Minderbroedersstraat 48
3000 Leuven

+32 16 37 42 61

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Rebecca Diependaele
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