Nieuw Geneco is a professional association that promotes the direct and indirect interests of Dutch (based) composers. Our aim is to promote the creation of new music and increase the visibility of composers working in the Netherlands. We therefore advocate a broader base of support and additional funding flows.
Nieuw Geneco is also a source of knowledge and inspiration for composers, music professionals and the general public. It provides them with practical information regarding contacts, business support, composing and performance opportunities, and stimulates exchange of knowledge and contact among colleagues. We represent more than 340 composers in the Netherlands and have been illustrating the diversity of composing since 1911.
The members of the association are creators of both complex and accessible, as well as conventional and unconventional, composed music. The composers work in a broad range of genres, such as art and concert music, jazz, improvisation, harmony, fanfare and brass music, choral music, electronic and electro-acoustic music, sounds performances, installations, as well as creating works for theatre, dance, ballet, musical theatre, the visual arts and film.

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Current Membership type: Section
Member since: 1922

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Nieuw Geneco - Nieuw Genootschap Nederlandse Componisten
Atlantisplein 1
1093 NE Amsterdam