Score Submissions Wanted for Concert During 2nd “100 Years of ISCM” Symposium in Vienna

February 1, 2023 / ISCM – AUSTRIAN SECTION

After last years symposium in Salzburg, the second symposium on “100 years of ISCM” will take place from 8-10 November 2023 in Vienna. During the symposium, on 9 November, there will be a concert by ensemble NAMES (New Art and Music Ensemble Salzburg). It is titled “dystopia”, organized in cooperation with Wien Modern, and is followed by further performances in Salzburg and Innsbruck. For this occasion, ensemble NAMES and IGNM Austria is looking for scores and / or composers who would like to write a new work. Ensemble NAMES is looking forward to receiving and performing works from ISCM composers from all over the world. The deadline for submissions is 12 February 2023 via email to: [email protected]. Notifications of acceptance will be sent out on 1 April 2023. Details about the conceptual framework and instrumentation for submissions is listed below along with the dates of the concerts.

Conceptual framework

Under the notion of dystopias (Dystopien), the ensemble NAMES approaches musical meanings
of un-places or mis-places – as an antithesis to Thomas More’s notion of positive, likewise fictional,
utopia. In the context of a three-part concert series in 2023, various artistic positions dealing with
dystopian sonorities and their heterotopias as “counter-placements or abutments, actually realized
utopias” (Foucault) will be presented and put up for discussion. Composers and sound artists are invited to submit their works dealing with this complex of themes or to develop new works.

Detailed instrumental lineup

– Violin/viola/e-violin (6 strings + effects) (one player)
– Violoncello
– Flute (incl. picc, alt, bass)
– Clarinet (Bb, A, bass, contrabass)
– Keyboards 1: piano, midi keyboards, Roli Seaboard (control), Nord Electro 3HP, DSI Mopho
SE (analog mono), Hohner Clavinet-pianet-Duo, Yamaha DX7, Toy pianos (incl 37 keys from F3),
effects (Moog ring-mod, Eowave spacebug delay…)
– Keyboards 2: Korg DX-3 (, midi
– Percussion: vibraphone, bass drum, tamtam, cymbals, snare drum, 3 toms, kick drum (additional
small percussion instrument after consultation with the ensemble)
– Electronics


9 November 2023 – Wien Modern in cooperation with the IGNM in form of a symposium on
the same subject
11 November 2023 – Toihaus Theater Salzburg
12 November 2023 – Innsbruck (venue TBA)