1923 Salzburg

Aug 2, 1923 – Aug 10, 1923
Salzburg, Austria

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Start: Aug 2, 1923

End: Aug 10, 1923

Locations: Salzburg, Austria

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Internationale Kammermusikfestspiele der IGNM


Ernest Ansermet, André Caplet, Hermann Scherchen, Egon Wellesz.

Contemporaneous reviews of the 1922 Festival

“Anton von Webern appears. I never saw an angrier man; he is about 35, dry and thin, as though pickled in perennial fury, and erect as a ramrod. It was amusing to see him face up to each of the four executants of his five pieces for string quartet, as if he were going to kill them; then relent, wring his hands bitterly, glare defiance at the audience, and rush off stiffly into the artists’ rooms. Thereupon, one suddenly became aware of the sixth furious fan (who I subsequently learned was an architect and stone deaf), passionately reproaching the audience, and more especially a certain Kappelmeister there present, for laughing and spoiling everything. Most ungrateful, since but for those ever-recurring scenes, the school, whom no one takes seriously except Schoenberg, would have fizzed out long ago.”

Daily Telegraph (London) published on 9 September 1922

“It seems almost incredible that one can have heard so much music in four days, but the programs are there to vouch for it: Fifty-four composers of fifteen different nationalities! If we include Strauss, who arrived later to conduct the Mozart operas, there were more than twenty composers present.”

–Edwin Evans, “The Salzburg Festival: International Chamber Concerts,” Musical Times (London) published on 1 September 1922

“If the First international Chamber Music Festival of Salzburg proved anything, it is the permanent need for just such festivals as this. They are necessary, for one thing, in order to furnish us with a definition of ‘modern’ as applied to music, a definition which changes–and must change–its meaning from generation to generation, almost from year to year. … I am surely not pessimistic after this first truly international review of post-war music.”

–César Saerchinger, “First Modern Chamber Music Festival at Salzburg Biggest international Gathering Since the War,”
The Musical Courier (New York) published on 31 August 1922


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