1935 Prague

Sep 1, 1935 – Sep 8, 1935

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Start: Sep 1, 1935

End: Sep 8, 1935

Locations: Prague

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From contemporaneous reviews

“The success of the Festival with the general public must have eclipsed all previous records. The size of the audiences and their enthusiasm were remarkable. This was alike a tribute to the works and performances, which reached a very high standard throughout. Generally speaking, one could say that the works were, with three exceptions, excellent examples of their type. Among the many varied styles represented it was astonishing to discover how many skillful composers are now writing music.”

— Alan Bush, “The I.S.C.M. Festival at Prague,”
Musical Times, Vol. 76, No. 1112 (Oct., 1935), p. 940.

“It is typical of our day, as this festival revealed, that a new expression of melody has yet to be found, completely disassociated from the traditional conception. The deeper question of emotion and religion can only be considered when the pursuit of art as a profession is not beset by so many serious difficulties as it is today. And melody is song. Can we sing in these days?”

— Louis Gruenberg, “Modern Youth at Prague, 1935,”
Modern Music, vol. 13 No. 1 (Nov-Dec 1935), p. 44.

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