1936 Barcelona

Apr 18, 1936 – Apr 25, 1936

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Start: Apr 18, 1936

End: Apr 25, 1936

Locations: Barcelona

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From a contemporaneous review

“It is pleasant to have an International Festival which has a definite hue and is not too impersonally polyglot.

“The Spanish Committee is to be heartily congratulated for giving such an interesting Festival. The President of Catalonia, the Director General of Fine Arts from Madrid, the Catalonian Minister of Culture, the Mayor of Barcelona and other officials were on hand welcoming members of the Congress, giving recep­tions and generally making one think that Barcelona is the pleas­antest spot in Europe.”

— Carleton Sprague Smith, “The I.S.C.M. Meets in Barcelona,”
Modern Music, Volume XIII, No. 4 (May-June, 1936), pp. 31, 34.

(NOTE: Additional comments from contemporaneous attendees of the festival are scattered throughout the Programme Information.)

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