1955 Baden-Baden

Jun 17, 1955 – Jun 21, 1955

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Start: Jun 17, 1955

End: Jun 21, 1955

Locations: Baden-Baden

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From a contemporaneous review

“This year’s I.S.C.M. Festival was held in June in Baden-Baden at the studio of the Südwestfunk, an ultra-modern concert hall situated a little outside the town, surrounded by majestic woods and with a lovely view of soft hills. In such surroundings one’s aesthetic sense tends to expect a fair measure beauty from the music one has come to hear. There was, however, more for the eye than for the ear, and with a few notable exceptions, the standard of works presented was of a deplorably low level.

“On the whole, this year’s Festival, of which sixty per cent of the music performed was dodecaphonic, gave a somewhat one-sided and highly coloured picture of the music that is being written to-day. Novelty of idiom sensationalism can be driven too far.”

— Franz Reizenstein, “The I. S. C. M. Festival at Baden-Baden,”
Tempo, No. 36 (Cambridge University Press, Summer 1955), p. 8.

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