1960 Cologne

Jun 10, 1960 – Jun 19, 1960

Festival info

Start: Jun 10, 1960

End: Jun 19, 1960

Locations: Cologne

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Co-organized by WDR Cologne

From a contemporaneous review

“During concert after concert, the festival had been producing a new sort of ‘sound-color’ composition, in which many different mixtures of instruments had purred and gurgled and blasted in novel patterns of sound effect. By now, every festival ear had become so attuned to the possible significance of any kind of tone at all that the accidental shattery clang of a cymbal sounded really like another (very short) piece of modern music.”

— Alexander Fried, “Cymbals Clang–by Accident or Design?” San Francisco Examiner, June 22, 1960, p. 24.

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