1984 Toronto, Montreal

Sep 21, 1984 – Oct 3, 1984
Toronto, Montreal

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Start: Sep 21, 1984

End: Oct 3, 1984

Locations: Toronto, Montreal

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From contemporaneous reviews:

“Although the I.S.C.M. was a truly wide-ranging forum for the new in the 1920’s, it has not always maintained a comparable freshness or ecumenicalism. Certainly in the United States, the joint I.S.C.M./League of Composers concerts in New York (where the American branch is centered) have, until recently at least, felt the dead hand of academicism. And the same was reportedly the case for many of the World Music Days festivals as well.”

–John Rockwell, “Music: Toronto is Host To the Contemporary,”
The New York Times, September 24, 1984, Section C, Page 12.

“The agenda for this get-together includes some 28 programs of new works for various media by a legion of composers from countries around the world. Instrumental and vocal works, chamber music, orchestral music and even theatre music are represented in the collection. It is unlikely that many of the people attending these concerts will pause to reflect on the extraordinarily long and complex piece of organization that has gone into the preparation of this meeting. It began in 1981 when the ISCM officially designated Canada as the host country for the World Music Days of 1984.”

–Eric McLean, “World Music Days Moves to Montreal,”
The Gazette (Montreal), 29 September 1984, E10.

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