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From contemporaneous reviews

“With WMD 2001 in Japan many delegates were a little scandalised to find that forty-six percent of the music on the programme was Japanese (n. 63 pieces out of 136; 73 from other countries); hardly surprising, when the ISCM statutes explicitly state: ‘The aims of the International Music Events are to present contemporary music from all over the world without any bias toward any georgraphical area, or any aesthetic, national … (et cetera) … persuasion’. (article 26e) However, before getting too exercised, one should remember that the ISCM itself contributes nothing towards the running of the festival! Under this condition, it is lucky if any festival at all occurs.”

–John McLachlan, “World Music Days, Yokohama, Japan 2001,”
World New Music Magazine 12 (November 2022), p. 65.

“Usually such festivals permeate the concert halls of the host city, sometimes even venturing far beyond city limits . . . In Yokohama, however, the opening and closing events of the festival (as well as the sushi party and tea ceremony for the New Music folks) were all held within the premises of the same high-rise establishment, almost as if to signal that the proud guild of Japanese musicians was under risk of contamination from a human species inclined towards strange sounding music.”

–Richard Oelschlägel (translated from German by Oliver Schneller),
“In a Japanese Seaport: The ISCM-World Music Days in Yokohama,”
World New Music Magazine 12 (November 2022), p. 69.

“[T]he generic complex in which we were based (hotel, concert halls, meeting room, plus all the shops one could possibly need) made it feel as if one could have been anywhere in the world — except for the sushi bar across the road, where the networking took place.”

–Michael Blake, “ISCM World Music and sushi Days in Yokohama,”
World New Music Magazine 12 (November 2022), p. 72.

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