2015 Ljubljana

Sep 26, 2015 – Oct 2, 2015

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Start: Sep 26, 2015

End: Oct 2, 2015

Locations: Ljubljana

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From a contemporaneous review

“There is no other music festival on the planet that attempts to bring together a selection of recently composed music that has been vetted by new music organizations from countries on six continents.

“Still, I could not help thinking that this one-of-a-kind new music assemblage could be so much more than what had been presented in Ljubljana. … [T]here were too many similarities between pieces. Even though there are post-Lachenmann string quartets being composed all over the world (which I learned as a result of the program by the Dissonance Quartet), most composers of string quartets are not writing in a post-Lachenmann idiom. So why wasn’t that particular program more reflective of the stunning breadth of current string quartet composition? Almost every piece on the saxophone quartet concert explored extended techniques, but there’s plenty of fabulous music being created these days for four saxophones which emphasizes other, uniquely idiomatic qualities of that instrumentation. Again, why not offer a greater slice of possibilities? And, in a festival that is supposed to highlight geographical diversity, how could there possibly be an orchestra concert that only featured music from Europe?”

— Frank J. Oteri, “It’s Difficult to be a World Showcase with Limited Resources: The 2015 ISCM World Music Days,” NewMusicBox (published October 23, 2015)

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