2023 South Africa

Nov 24, 2023 – Dec 3, 2023
Johannesburg, Cape Town

Festival info

Start: Nov 24, 2023

End: Dec 3, 2023

Locations: Johannesburg, Cape Town

Hosting member(s)

Submission information

Members are invited to submit scores/projects for the 2023 International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) World New Music Days festival, scheduled to take place in South Africa from 24 November – 3 December, 2023. For further information about the details of this Call for Works, contact the Festival Organizer by email via [email protected].

Submissions should be received via the relevant ISCM 2023 Submission Form no later than 11:59pm CET on 24 March, 2023. Late submissions will not be considered. The Submission Forms will be made available, and the links advertised on the ISCM website, from early February.

There are two ways for composers to submit scores for consideration:

  1. If you are represented by a Member organization of the ISCM, your organization will issue a Call and you may submit your score to them for potential inclusion in the Official Submissions. Your Member organization will have their own deadline, prior to the deadline of this International Call.
  2. You may make an Individual Submission to the ISCM on your own behalf – see details below.


Submissions from ISCM Member organizations must be submitted by the organization via the ISCM 2023 Official Submission Form. Please note, we can only consider submissions from Members who are in good standing (Annual Report for the year of 2021 completed and annual membership fee for 2022 paid). An official submission may not include a work by any composer whose work was performed during the 2022 World New Music Days in New Zealand.

For Sections and Full Associate Members of the ISCM, the official submission will comprise six works across at least four of the different Categories detailed in this Call for Works. For an official submission from Member organizations to be eligible, each of the submitted works must be eligible, the durations specified for each work must be accurate, and the submitted works correctly aligned with the relevant category. Assuming the submission is eligible and the ISCM member is in good standing, at least one of the submitted works will be presented during the 2023 ISCM World New Music Days.

For Affiliated Associate Members, an official submission will comprise up to three works. While there is no guarantee that one of the works will be selected, the organizer will strive to include them where possible.


Individual Submissions must be submitted by an independent composer or a composer’s authorized representative. Submissions should be submitted via the ISCM 2023 Individual Submission Form. An entry fee of €53.50 applies to Individual Submissions, payable at the time of submission by Paypal using the link at the bottom of this page.

Individual submissions are not guaranteed a performance. Space in the festival for Individual Submissions is limited, but we will consider all submissions and perform those that can be included. Please promote this information via your networks.


Priority will be given to works shorter than 10 minutes in duration and composed after 2013, with highest priority given to works composed after 2018.

Only one work per composer may be submitted, either by Individual Submission or Official Submission.

It is possible to submit works in any of the categories that include dance, either alongside the music or performed by the musicians and/or singers themselves. While this might reduce performance opportunities, the organizers will do their best to give such works equal consideration with those that do not include dance. Other interdisciplinary works (i.e. including theatre or visual arts) are also possible and should be submitted in the category corresponding to their musical/instrumental necessities.

If you have questions about this Call, feel free to email the Festival Organizer via [email protected].

By submitting works to this Call, composers are agreeing that if their work is selected for performance/presentation then they grant automatic permission for the ISCM performance/presentation of their work to be recorded, broadcast, and streamed from the website without additional financial liability to the ISCM or the Festival Organizers.


Information required for each Work to be submitted is:

  1. The composer’s personal and contact information: Given names; Family name; Name as it should appear in the programme; Date of birth; Gender; full Mailing address; Phone number; email address; website (if applicable).
  2. Work information: Title; Submission Category; Accurate duration; Year of composition; Statement of whether the work has been previously performed.
  3. For categories 1-10, please submit a PDF of the score and a recording or MIDI realization.
    For categories 11-16, please submit a project proposal, score, or lead sheet, soundfiles, and/or other material that will allow the selection panel to gain a clear understanding of the musical and technical aspects and requirements of the work. (Especially in category 11, it would be ideal to submit a recording of the finished work.)

  • Programme notes for the submitted work in English (maximum 100 words).
  • Technical rider specifying all equipment necessary to perform the work.
  • Short biography of the composer in English (maximum 100 words).
  • High-resolution digital photograph of the composer.

Work categories