2007 ISCM-IAMIC Young Composer Award – Nicholas Casswell

Nicholas Casswell wins the ISCM-IAMIC Young Composer Award 2007
Nicholas Casswell (1974, UK) received the Prize for Triplicity, performed on November 28 by the Luxembourg Sinfonietta conducted by Marcel Wengler during the ISCM-ACL World Music Days 2007 which took place from 22nd November to 2nd December in Hong Kong.

For the sixth time the International Society for Contemporary Music presented the ISCM Young Composer Award. The award was inaugurated in 2002 and will be presented each year to a selected composer under 35 whose work is featured in the annual ISCM World Music Days.

The award consists of a special commission (5000 Euro) to write a chamber ensemble piece to be premiered by Gaudeamus during the International Gaudeamus Music Week in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

With this initiative the ISCM and IAMIC foster the development of contemporary music through the promotion of young talents in the contemporary music field. For four years in a row the ISCM Young Composer Award was generously supported by CASH, the Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong. In 2002 the British composer Thomas Adès was honored for his string quartet “Arcadiana” while runner-up Martijn Voorvelt (Netherlands) was given the commission for a new piece which was premiered by the Axyz Ensemble in the International Gaudeamus Music Week 2004. In 2003 the Australian composer Matthew Bienik won the Award for his clarinet piece “Fleshold – at the crossing over”; he wrote a new work for the Asko Ensemble which was premiered in the International Gaudeamus Music Week 2005. In 2004 the Chinese composer Leilei Tian won the Award for her orchestra piece “Sâdhana”; she wrote a new piece for the Nieuw Ensemble which was premiered in 2006. In 2005 the Finnish composer Sampo Haapamäki won the award for his piece “Signature”; he is writing a new work for the ensemble Insomnio for a premiere in 2008. In 2006 the Estonian composer Helena Tulve won the award for her work “Sula” for didgeridoo and orchestra.

The 2007 ISCM-IAMIC Young Composer Award was judged by a distinguished panel of international composers appointed by the ISCM. Announcement of the Winner and prize took place at the Closing Concert at 8pm on December 1, 2007 at Theatre, Macau Tower Convention and Entertainment Centre in Macau.

Eligible composers for the 2007 ISCM-IAMIC Young Composer Award were: 

Lorenzo Alvaro (Australia) – Out With No Fear
Daniel Blinkhorn (Australia) – Resource 14
Nicholas Casswell (UK) – Triplicity
Janet Chen Jie-ru (Taiwan) – Isolated Island 
Cheung Pui-shan (Hong Kong) – Flow with the Stream
Choi Han-biel (Korea) – Arcana
Erik S. Dæhlin (Norway) – Mozart, You and Me
Sadik Ugras Durmus (Turkey) – Asla, Bir Daha ve Her Zaman
Andris Dzenitis (Latvia) – Solitude
Soren Nils Eichberg (Denmark) – Qilaatersorneq – for violin and orchestra
Sebastian Fagerlund (Finland) – Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra 
Mariano Agustín Fernández (Argentina) – The Sacrifice
Amit Gilutz (Israel) – These Autumn Days
Vladimir Gorlinsky (Russia) – S’Morzando 
Samuel Holloway (New Zealand) – Stapes
Ip Kim-ho (Hong Kong) – Momento
Panayiotis Kokoras (Greece) – Shatter Cone
Juan Krymkiewicz (Argentina) – Yaku´iamaraka
Lam Kwan-fai (Hong Kong) – City Instinct
Galison Lau (Hong Kong) – Spelling Vocabularies
Lin Mei-Fang (Taiwan) – Interaction
Scott McLaughlin (Ireland) – Penumbra
Maritza Pacheco Blanco (Colombia) – new work
Siraseth Pantura-umporn (Thailand) – Luklohr-lukkhad
Gabriel Pareyón (Mexico) – Di pehnu ‘bida nu’bu nxui, da pe’ts’i mä t’ihe
Dominic Garcia Quejada (Philippines) – Movement as Stasis
Maria Vanesa Ruffa (Italy) – The Seven Branches
Evis Sammoutis (Cyprus) – Trias
Raminta Serksnyte (Lithuania) – Mountains in the Mist
Andrew Staniland (Canada) – After the Crash
Ondrej Stochl (Czech Republic) – Rituals
Martin Suckling (UK) – Gemini
Antony Svetlichny (Russia) – The Exploration of Inner Space
Tang Man-ngai (Hong Kong) – Requiem – In Memory of Pope John Paul II
Tang Lok-yin (Hong Kong) – Concerto for Sheng and Orchestra “Volcanicity”
Oswaldo Torres (Venezuela) – String Quartet No. 2 “Syncretic Skin”
Xie Peng (China) – Ling Long

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