Christopher Ming-kin Hung: Visual Reverberating

October 12, 2023 / ISCM – HONG KONG SECTION

Christopher Ming-kin Hung (b. 1977) is a Hong Kong-based composer of over 70 works which are inspired by a fusion of Western and Eastern philosophical concepts. His compositions have been performed in over 20 countries in various contemporary music festivals, including the 2015 ISCM World Music Days in Slovenia, the 2016 Beijing Modern Music Festival in China, and the 2017 Music Biennale Zagreb in Croatia. In 2015, he was invited to compose Variation of Chung Chi College Theme Song to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Music Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Hung has been a Council Director of the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild since 2014 and a member of Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong since 2008. He teaches various music courses and lectures in the School of Continuing Education of the Hong Kong Baptist University and LiPACE of the Open University of Hong Kong.

About Visual Reverberating, Hung writes: “When it comes to film/video underscoring, the normal practice is having the visual media first. However, in this collaboration with my friend, a talented Director Chu Hoi Ying Nicole, the character is shown to be responding from what is heard in the composed music. As the title implied, it is “A visual reverberating. . . ”Before the playing of the video, there is a short section of the sort-of-unsettling piano music, acting as a prelude. Stream of consciousness flows with changing expression as the music goes on. A mood of reminiscence is presented in the postlude section in which there is no video playing. This work is commissioned by the Hong Kong Composers’ Guild and sponsored by CASH.”