Jing Mu Kuo: Mindfullness

September 17, 2022 / ISCM – TAIPEI SECTION

Jing Mu Kuo was born in Yilan. Over the past few years, he has devoted himself to zheng music and contemporary music performing, and to researching zheng music to find his own language. He has curated three contemporary zheng music recitals: Zheng:New Horizon “conversation/unlimited”, “pure/solo” and “unequal/ensemble”. Kuo is the head of 3PEOPLEMUSIC, a member of C-CAMERATA TAIPEI, and adjunct teacher in Chinese Music Department of Tainan National University of the Arts.

Mindfulness (2020) is Kuo’s second work written for the bridge-less zheng. He writes, “I can imagine and create music more effortlessly for a zheng without any bridge. Mindfulness speaks about the state of the unburdened mind, releasing onto a quiet space, which can be represented by a musical instrument, people, or an action. So this work is not only talking about the state of mind, but also its influences. It starts from dealing with the imitations and restorations of the phenomenon to further question the existing/established ones.”