Annette Schmucki: Hirsch Hirn Hornisse

September 21, 2022 / ISCM – SWISS SECTION

Annette Schmucki (b. 1968 in Zurich) works with language as music. She studied composition with Cornelius Schwehr and Mathias Spahlinger, and has received numerous prizes and scholarships. She currently deals with durations and encounters of projected words, and with translations of telephone conversations and catenary histories. In addition to her solitary activity as a composer, Schmucki works in the artist collectives Blablabor (since 2000), Band (since 2010), Die sieben Schweinsschwestern (since 2010), and Kotombola (since 2019). Schmucki is a member of the Akademie der Künste, Berlin. She lives with her two sons in Jura Bernois.

Hirsch Hirn Hornisse (2009/2019) is a trio created in collaboration with Reto Friedmann (who together constitute Blablabor) for three performers who manipulate pre-recorded speech either on three turntables or three laptops. (The latter version is what is featured below.)

Annette Schmucki: Hirsch Hirn Hornisse
performers: Julia Mihály, Sebastian Hofmann & Martin Lorenz
rehearsal recording at Funkloch, Zürich CH