David Achenberg: Bleu Ébène

David Achenberg (b. 1966) is a voluntarily iconoclastic composer who is also sensitive to the dialogue between classicism and extreme modernity. Author of some thirty opuses, some of which have earned him international recognition (International Rostrum of Composers), he weaves a dense and expressive body of work that is constantly renewed through projects and commissions. In close collaboration with audiovisual professionals, he has been developing, for several years, a rather original style of communication in the world of contemporary music. An explosive cocktail of excellence,creativity, new technologies and sometimes even humor, this communication generates beautiful encounters and naturally resonates with the vibrations of the Tana Quartet, the Kheops Ensemble, the Opéra Royal de Wallonie, the Musiques Nouvelles Ensemble, the Fractales Ensemble, the Ars Musica Festival, the Trio Catch of Hamburg and all the other commissioners and interpreters of his music.The first volume of his string quartets performed by the Tana Quartet was released by Paraty in 2019.His music is published by Éditions Musicales Artchipel.

Bleu Ébène (2017), David Achenberg ‘s fourth quartet, was commissioned by the Tana Quartet. It introduces electronics via the addition of a magnetic tape. Its micro-tonal language is rather calm and sometimes even contemplative. Often close to silence, it is interspersed here and there with violent tremors. Memories of old “telluric” manifestations that were soon mastered.