Matsudaira, Yori-Aki

Year of Election: 2008

copyright: Jun’ichi Ishizuka

Self-taught in composition and piano. During 1957-60, he composed music by total serialism. From 1961, he has interested in the music indeterminacy music. Since 1967, he began to compose new quatation music. From 1976, his music inclined to modal and furthermore developed to the pitch interval technique. Selected for the festival of ISCM in 10 times. Received the Moeck Verlag Special Prize at the Kazimierz Serocki 3rd International Composers’ Competition. As chairman of the Japanese Section of ISCM, he hosted the ISCM World Music Days 2001 in Yokohama. In 2008, he became an Honorary Member of the ISCM.

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