ISCM Statement on Ukraine

March 8, 2022 / ISCM

The ISCM acknowledges with horror and dismay the invasion and war currently being waged on Ukraine. We denounce all such attacks, and their threat to life and civilization. The ISCM arose 100 years ago from a desire to contribute to world peace and respect through musical collaboration and sharing of insights. The attacks currently occurring in Ukraine are anathema to the ISCM: they destabilise world peace and they destroy musical life. Without musical life there is no real living. We fear for the safety of our members in Ukraine and fervently hope the war will be brought to a swift close.

– Dr. Glenda Keam
President, ISCM




The International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) is a premier forum for the advancement, dissemination and interchange of new music from around the world. Through ISCM, our members promote contemporary music in all its varied forms, strengthening musical life in their local contexts and making their music and its creators known to world.