Selected Works Announced for the 2023 ISCM World New Music Days in South Africa

June 13, 2023 / ISCM

The ISCM South Africa Section (NewMusicSA), the organizer of the 2023 ISCM World New Music Days, has announced the works that have been selected for performance from the call for scores. The chosen works are listed below, beginning with selections from official submissions from the ISCM’s membership (first ISCM sections then associate members) arranged alphabetically by ISCM member name, followed by selections from individual submissions. For each selection, name of composer, title of work, and submission category (in parentheses) are given. The works will be performed during the 2023 ISCM World New Music Days in South Africa (24 November – 3 December 2023), the first ISCM festival ever held on the African continent.

LIST OF SELECTED WORKS – ISCM2023 World New Music Days

Official Submissions – Sections:
AUSTRALIAN SECTION – Angus Davison: Nigel (Medium Chamber Ensemble)
AUSTRIAN SECTION – Petra Stump-Linshalm: MADAME PELE (Solos)
BRITISH SECTION – Soosan Lolavar: I am the Spring. You are the Earth. (Collaborations with African Traditional Musicians)
CANADIAN SECTION – Cris Derksen: The Bells (Electronic Music)
CHENGDU SECTION – Shi Ziwei: Fantasy Etude for Solo Alto Saxophone (Solos)
CHILE SCD SECTION – Felipe Pinto d’Aguiar: Ambientes (Symphony Orchestra)
CROATION SECTION – Ana Horvat: Mi (Electronic Music)
DANISH SECTION – Veronika Voetmann: Frostbitten (Symphony Orchestra)
ESTONIAN SECTION – Madli Marje Gildemann: Osmosis (Trios / Quartets)
FAROE ISLANDS SECTION – Sámal J. Jakobsen: Krákan: á Húsið (String Quartet)
FINNISH SECTION – Markku Klami: Elegia (Medium Chamber Ensemble)
FLEMISH SECTION – Annelies Van Parys: Shades of Light (Solos)
GERMAN SECTION – Moritz Eggert: Tamam Shud (Solos)
GOTLAND SECTION – Fabian Svensson: Nothing Happens (Trios / Quartets)
GREEK SECTION – Nickos Harizanos: En Jardin (Trios / Quartets)
HONG KONG SECTION – Yip Ho-kwen Austin: This is All About That Monster (Electronic Music)
HUNGARIAN SECTION – Viktor Molnár: Miracles of Interstellar (Trios / Quartets)
ICELANDIC SECTION – Ingibjörg Ýr: Balaena (Collaborations with African Traditional Musicians)
IRISH SECTION – Deirdre McKay: sable qui glisse (Choir)
ISRAELI SECTION – Amos Elkana: Asara (Large Chamber Ensemble)
JAPANESE SECTION – Yasunoshin Morita: And the wind tells… (Collaborations with African Traditional Musicians)
LATVIAN SECTION – Gundega Šmite: Aurum (Solos)
LITHUANIAN SECTION – Juta Pranulytė: Harmonic Islands (Trios / Quartets)
NANNING SECTION – Zhong Juncheng: Cottage Imagery (Solos)
NETHERLANDS SECTION – Yu Oda: NoiseSample (Electronic Music)
NEW ZEALAND SECTION – Michaela (Mika) Cornelius: The Sounding Sea (String Quartet)
NORWEGIAN SECTION – Henrik Hellstenius: UNFOLDED (Trios / Quartets)
POLISH SECTION – Aldona Nawrocka: QUANTUM FLUCTUATION (in memoriam K.Penderecki) (Duos)
PORTUGUESE SECTION – Ângela da Ponte: We can’t breathe (Solos)
ROMANIAN SECTION – Lucian Zbarcea: Aksaka (String Quartet)
SERBIAN SECTION – Tatjana Milošević: The Time of Light (Trios / Quartets)
SHANGHAI SECTION – Ding Ying: Silent Gaze (Choir)
SLOVAK SECTION – Robert Kolář: Four Abstractions (Duos)
SLOVENIAN SECTION – Črt Sojar Voglar: O lux beata trinitas (Choir)
SOUTH AFRICAN SECTION – Njabulo Phungula: like knotted strings (String Quartet)
SOUTH KOREAN SECTION – Chihchun Chi-sun Lee: Divergence & Convergence (Solos)
SPANISH SECTION – Manuel M. Burgos: I HAVE A DREAM (Solos)
SWEDISH SECTION – Martin Svensson: Yin Yang (Solos)
TAIPEI SECTION – Paul SanGregory: Blue Shimmer (Electronic Music)
USA SECTION – Eric Moe: Deep Ecology (Electronic Music)
WALLONIA-BRUSSELS FEDERATION SECTION – Claude Ledoux: Entre-Vagues Irisés (Solos)
WELSH SECTION – Nathan James Dearden: i breathe (Choir)

Official Submissions – Full Associate Members:
ARFA – Rucsandra Popescu: Konstellation II (Duos)
Florida International University – Kory Reeder: Erb Study (Medium Chamber Ensemble)
Japan Federation of Composers – Akira Ito: Even a Chance Acquaintance is Decreed by Destiny (Trios / Quartets)
Music Centre Slovakia – Michael Blažek: „FOMO“ (Trios / Quartets)
Musikagileak – Teresa Catalán: Larrazpileko jentilen trikuharritik (Trios / Quartets)
New Music USA – Fahad Siadat: Not Infinite if Not God (Choir)
Prague Spring Festival – Ondřej Štochl: Il sogno fragile (Solos)
Scottish Music Centre – Rufus Isabel Elliot: a piece of horizon has been arching ur back (Solos)
Stephen F. Austin State University (Texas) – Jinghong Zhang: The Tale of A Wise Man (Electronic Music)
Vietnam Contemporary Music Centre – Nguyen Ngoc Tu: String Quartet No.3 (String Quartet)

Official Submissions – Affiliated Associate Members:
COSIMTE – Candelaria Dorta Núñez: Ruminations (Choir)

Individual Submissions:
Christian Banasik: Inscription 3 – Seikilos Epitaph (Electronic Music)
Lee Cheng: Shanshui (Electronic Music)
Brian Current: Sungods (Solos)
Glenn Dixon: Vitreous Shades of Rock (Medium Chamber Ensemble)
Ugnė Giedraitytė: Au-dessus (Trios / Quartets)
Martin Theodor Gut: Zu köstliche Sache (String Quartet)
Tõnu Kõrvits: Hope (Trios / Quartets)
Masafumi Oda: Anti-Automationism (Electronic Music)
Morten Poulsen: A Cradle Song (Choir)
Gerhard Praesent: “…para tocar” (Solos)
Tihomir Ranogajec: Rush hour (Medium Chamber Ensemble)




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