1933 Amsterdam

Jun 9, 1933 – Jun 15, 1933

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Start: Jun 9, 1933

End: Jun 15, 1933

Locations: Amsterdam

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From a contemporaneous review

“The adoption of English, side by side with Dutch, as the official language of the Festival, was the wisest choice that could have been made. German is not very popular just now, and the use of French, the usual alternative, might conceivably have been regarded as a kind of ‘counter-demonstration,’ not in keeping with the spirit of fellowship that we all seek to maintain on these occasions. But privately, of course, we used whatever language happened to be convenient.”

— Edwin Evans, “The I.S.C.M. Festival at Amsterdam,” The Musical Times, Vol. 74, No. 1086 (August 1933), p. 705.

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