1947 Copenhagen, Lund

May 29, 1947 – Jun 4, 1947
Copenhagen, Lund

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Start: May 29, 1947

End: Jun 4, 1947

Locations: Copenhagen, Lund

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From a contemporaneous review of the festival

“True, a good deal of the music performed was on the mediocre side; but the same has happened at many previous festivals, and the general atmosphere was extremely co-operative, all present feeling that the Society had really begun to live again after its enforced slumbers. Six concerts were given: two orchestral, one with chamber orchestra and three of chamber music.

“It is difficult to assess any dominant tendencies from the music heard during the festival; the general
mood seemed to be conservative, though it is hard to say how far the works performed were actually
representative of their respective countries’ production. However, the general interest in contemporary
music seemed to be even stronger than in pre-war festivals, and this is at any rate the most hopeful sign for the future.”

— Humphrey Searle, “The Copenhagen I. S. C. M. Festival,”
The Musical Times, Vol. 88, No. 1254 (August 1947), p. 267, 268.

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