1963 Amsterdam

Jun 8, 1963 – Jun 14, 1963

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Start: Jun 8, 1963

End: Jun 14, 1963

Locations: Amsterdam

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From contemporaneous reviews of the festival

“Altogether it was a good festival. The organization was excellent, and there was a smaller proportion of complete rubbish than in London last year. … But if one wanted to form a general picture of the state of contemporary music one would have been struck by the number of small-to-medium scale, competently written very enjoyable orchestral pieces that were certainly not devoid of genuine ideas but nevertheless somehow failed to say anything of great significance.”

— Bernard Jacobson, “Going Dutch,”
in Music and Musicians, August 1963, p. 35.

The ISCM Festival (June 8-14) was, from a chauvinist viewpoint, notable for being the first since 1945 at which Britain was not represented. As there were the usual morasses of bad, really bad, works upon which it would be otiose to comment the implications are provoking.”

— Howard Hartog, “Amsterdam. ISCM Festival,”
The Musical Times, Vol. 104, No. 1446 (August 1963), p. 567.

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