2006 Stuttgart

Jul 14, 2006 – Jul 29, 2006

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Start: Jul 14, 2006

End: Jul 29, 2006

Locations: Stuttgart

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From contemporaneous reviews:

“Even before the festival began, there were mass grumblings from the delegates about the widespread lack of programming of works submitted by the sections (only ca 7% of the works programmed came from the international submissions made by the sections). When asked about this situation, festival organizers replied that it would have been a very boring festival if they had programmed more of the works submitted by the sections. If this is the case then the ISCM has done a very poor job of selecting sections. But perhaps the problem lies elsewhere. It is no coincidence that the recent World Music Days festivals held in Hong Kong and Croatia had a much more varied aesthetics representation than those in Switzerland or Germany, not to mention works submitted by the sections. It seems that geography and aesthetic prejudices go hand in hand.”

— Orlando Jacinto Garcia, “The ISCM died last week at 90 (actually 85) – and then began to slowly rise from its ashes,”
World New Music Magazine 17 (2007), p. 77.

“With the theme of Grenzenlos, or Without Borders, the ISCM World New Music Festival 2006 was a very successful mega event of 16 days…. I could see that the organizer tried very hard to produce a balanced programme of pieces of various musical types and styles written by composers of as many nationalities as possible. Programming is always the most difficult issue to deal with; one just cannot please everyone, because musical tastes may be more diversified than human languages and dialects.”

— Joshua Chan, “A successful mega event – but as an ISCM festival there is room for improvement,” 
World New Music Magazine 17 (2007), pp. 86-91.

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