Patrick Leterme: Lumières

Patrick Leterme (photo © Sandra Reyckers)

Patrick Leterme (born 1981 in Verviers) studied at the Conservatoire Royal de Musique de Liège where he obtained First Prizes in Piano, Chamber Music and Harmony as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Accompaniment Piano (Grand Distinction). He continued his studies at the Musikhochschule of Cologne where he completed a Zusatzstudium (Postmaster) in Liedbegleitung (Song…

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Galina Grigorjeva : Salve regina

Galina Grigorjeva

Galina Grigorjeva, born in 1962 in Crimea, Ukraine, and now living in Estonia, has garnered international appreciation for the remarkably subtle and animated melodic style of her music. Her compositions are tightly linked to Slavonic sacred music as well as early European polyphony. Grigorjeva “orchestrates” polyphony with remarkable skill and grace, creating meaningful and beautiful…

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International Review of Composers Call for Scores Announced

Logo for the International Review of Composers from Serbia

The Composers’ Association of Serbia has announced a call for scores for the 32nd International Review of Composers which will take place in Belgrade from 5–10 October 2023. The Call is not anonymous. The application is free of charge. The same composer can submit pieces in various categories, but it is not possible to submit…

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Anthony Cheng: Tunnel

Anthony Cheng

Anthony Cheng (b. 1974) is an international composer based in Hong Kong and Europe. He sets his music career in multi-talented ways: as a songwriter, contemporary and film music composer, sound engineer and music producer. Cheng’s music consists of an eclectic inspiration of a variety of Western and Eastern influenced musical styles. Cheng completed a…

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Stefania Turkevych: String Quartet

Stefania Turkevych

Stefania Turkewich (1898-1977), Ukraine’s first successful female composer, was also a pianist and musicologist. As a musicologist, she studied with Guido Adler in Vienna, and for her dissertation on the topic of Ukrainian folklore in Russian operas she received a doctorate in musicology in 1934 from the Ukrainian Free University in Prague. As a composer,…

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Haotian Yu: after Xin Qiji I

Haotian Yu

The music of Chinese-Canadian composer Haotian Yu (b. 1998) centers postcolonial experience through the specific cultural lens of Chinese tradition. In works for chamber ensemble, electronics, and Chinese instruments, objects of culture—instruments, performance practices, field recordings—are subject to a composed Foucauldian genealogy, in which sonic and conceptual analyses address the ideological and socio-functional dimensions of…

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Dmytro Malyi: The Scomorokhs

Dmytro Malyi

Dmytro Malyi (b. 1987) is a Ukrainian composer, pianist, and teacher from Kherson. In 2007, he finished the Kherson Music School as a pianist, and in 2012 he completed his studies at the Kharkiv Kotlyarevskyi National University of Arts as a composer (under Professor Victor Muzhchyl) and a pianist (under Professor Volodymyr Ptushkin). After graduating…

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Dina Smorgonskaya: Piano Trio ‘Dedication’

Dina Smorgonskaya

Dina Smorgonskaya (b. 1947) is one of Israel’s most prominent composers. Originally from Vitebsk, Belarus, which was then part of the USSR, Smorgonskaya emigrated to Israel in 1989 bringing with her a mastery of a broad spectrum of styles and genres, together with her own music personality – both featuring the rich artistic tradition of…

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Svitlana Azarova: Chronometer

Svitlana Azarova

Svitlana Azarova (b. 1976) is a Ukrainian-Dutch composer originally from Izmail, a city and municipality on the Danube river in Odessa Oblast in south-western Ukraine. After having graduated in music from Izmail Pedagogical Institute in 1996, Azarova entered Odessa State A.V. Nezhdanova Conservatoire, where she studied musical composition, first under the Ukrainian composer Olexander Krasotov, and later (until 2000) under the…

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Akio Yasuraoka: 10 Sticks

Akio Yasuraoka

Akio Yasuraoka (b. 1958 in Tokyo) studied with composers Teruyuki Noda and Akira Miyoshi graduating Tokyo University of the Arts in 1984 with a master’s degree in music composition. He has received several awards and distinctions including the 1st Prize in Composition at the Music Competition of Japan in 1980 and the 1982 Japan Symphony…

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