Mihai Măniceanu: Preludio e Toccata numerico

Mihai Măniceanu

(Submitted by ISCM – ROMANIAN SECTION) Mihai Măniceanu (born in 1976 in Bucharest) studied piano (with Viniciu Moroianu) and composition (with Dan Dediu) at the National University of Music Bucharest. He completed his master course in piano and composition at the same university. In 2011 he graduated from the National University of Music Bucharest with…

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Chan Chin-ting: In-pulse

Chan Chin-ting

(Submitted by ISCM – HONG KONG SECTION) Hong Kong-American composer Chin Ting CHAN (b. 1986) has been a fellow and guest composer at festivals such as IRCAM’s ManiFeste (Paris, 2013/2018), the ISCM World Music Days Festival (Tongyeong, 2016; Tallinn, 2019), and UNESCO International Rostrum of Composers (Tallinn, 2015). He has worked with ensembles such as Ensemble…

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Nicole Murphy: Spinning Top

Nicole Murphy

(Submitted by ISCM – AUSTRALIAN SECTION) The music of Australian composer Nicole Murphy (b. 1983) has been described as ‘exquisite and sensitive’ (Sydney Morning Herald) and ‘full of exhilarating tension’ (Arts Knoxville). She has been commissioned by eminent arts organisations including the Australian Ballet, the Royal Academy of Dance (London), the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Experiments in…

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Rui Penha: “no man is an island”

Rui Penha

(Submitted by ISCM – PORTUGUESE SECTION) Rui Penha, composer and performer of live electroacoustic music, was born in Porto, in 1981. He completed his PhD in Music (Composition) at the University of Aveiro, where he worked under João Pedro Oliveira. His music is regularly recorded and played in festivals and concert halls around Europe and…

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Maija Hynninen: in the universe everyth ng is a circle

Maija Hynninen

(Submitted by ISCM – FINNISH SECTION) Maija Hynninen (b. 1977) – composer and sound artist – is working in the areas of concert music, electronic instrument design and multidisciplinary performances. The essence of her music builds on the unique moments where the parameters of this world are slightly altered to allow a glimpse of another…

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Menachem Zur: Septet

Menachem Zur

(Submitted by ISCM – ISRAELI SECTION) Menachem Zur was born in Israel in 1942. He has composed over 180 works, including chamber music (including 5 string quartets), vocal, symphonic (ten symphonies, nineteen concerti), electronic music, and two full-scale operas. In 2001 he was awarded the ACUM (Israeli ASCAP) prize for life-achievements and the Prime minister’s…

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Midori Takashima: By the lake…

Midori Takashima

(Submitted by ISCM – JAPANESE SECTION) Midori Takashima (b. 1954) studied composition at Tokyo University of the Arts. I also completed the master course. In addition, she attended and studied at the Darmstadt Music Festival. Her chamber music and chamber symphony works have been featured in concerts hosted by the Japan Society for Contemporary Music. She…

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Jasper Van Paemel: About Elephants

Jasper Van Paemel

(Submitted by ISCM – FLEMISH SECTION) Jasper Vanpaemel (b. 1986) is a Belgium-based artist, working in the field of contemporary music composition and interdisciplinary multimedia set-up development. As a freelance composer Jasper made 30+ compositions, both solo and ensemble pieces. His works have been awarded by The Stephan De Jonghe piano competition 2014, ISCM World Music…

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