Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh: Into the Outer

Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh

(Submitted by ISCM – AUSTRALIAN SECTION) Annie Hui-Hsin Hsieh (b. 1984) is a Taiwanese-Australian composer working in acoustic and electroacoustic mediums. Her work focuses on creating immersive physical experiences and she often prefers to articulate sonic expressions in terms of choreography, phenomenology, and musical-social interactivity. Hsieh’s music has been presented internationally at events such as Beijing…

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Malin Bång: splinters of ebullient rebellion

Malin Bång

(Submitted by ISCM – SWEDISH SECTION) Malin Bång’s music is an exploration of movement and energy. Bång (b. 1974) defines her musical material according to their amount of friction to create a spectrum of unpredictable and contrasting actions, ranging from the intimate and barely audible to the harsh and obstinate. In her work she often…

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Đỗ Hồng Quân: The Sound of the Jungle

Do Hong Quan

(Submitted by the Vietnam Contemporary Music Centre [VCMC]) Prof. Dr. Composer Đỗ Hồng Quân born in 1956 is a conductor and educator. He began his studies on piano at the age of 7 at Vietnam National Conservatory and graduated piano in 1971. Then he studied composition at Vietnam National Conservatory, and he continued his studies…

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Tiina Myllärinen: Kaikki kuuluu Värinä

Tiina Myllärinen

(Submitted by ISCM – FINNISH SECTION) Tiina Myllärinen (b. 1979) writes music that has been described as cheerfully inquisitive, vigorous, and original. She has composed orchestral, choral, chamber, and solo works and has also experimented with electroacoustic music and video. Outside Finland works by her have been performed in the United States, Italy, England, Austria,…

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Armando Santiago: Quatuor à cordes 1995

Armando Santiago

(Submitted by ISCM – PORTUGUESE SECTION) Armando Santiago, composer, conductor and professor, was born in Lisbon in 1932, and moved to Canada in 1972. His catalogue includes orchestral, chamber music, and electroacoustic works. In the evolution of his activity, Armando Santiago has always expressed himself by means of diverse technical and aesthetic means. In his…

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First Hong Kong International Composition Competition for Chromatic Harmonica 2021

The 1st Hong Kong International Composition Competition for Chromatic Harmonica 2021 is a multi-faceted musical event presented by the Hong Kong Harmonica Association. The Association envisions to enrich local and global harmonica culture with this world-class competition, which is the first large-scale global competition dedicated specifically to music for this instrument. The HK Composers’ Guild,…

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Sheila Sanfeliz: Liaga

Sheila Sanfeliz

(Submitted by ISCM – FLEMISH SECTION) Sheila Sanfeliz Lillar (b. 1991) currently studies composition at the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (Rome) with M° Ivan Fedele, and electronic music at the Conservatorio Nazionale di Santa Cecilia (Rome) after studying composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, under Wim Henderickx, and at the Academy of Arts of…

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Satoru Ikeda: Superstring Theory

IKEDA Satoru

(Submitted by ISCM – JAPANESE SECTION) Satoru Ikeda, born in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka prefecture in 1961, studied composition under Hiroshi Otsuki and Shin Sato. Having received a B.A. in Education from Shizuoka University in 1983 and M.M. degree in Composition from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1987, he is currently Musical Director at Shimamura Music…

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Announcing the 10th Rivers Awards Composition Competition (RACC) 2021

Photographs of a pipa and a hand wearing finger picks

The Shanghai Conservatory of Music has announced the 10th Rivers Awards Composition Competition (RACC). RACC aims to promote extensive exchange between Chinese and Western music, encouraging innovative and explorative composition for Chinese and Western musical instruments, and build a high-end platform to introduce outstanding original musical works to the public. A positive theme that embodies…

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Hanna Hartman: The Revenge

Hanna Hartman

(Submitted by ISCM – SWEDISH SECTION) Berlin-based Swedish sound artist and composer Hanna Hartman (b. 1961) creates compositions that are exclusively made up from authentic sounds which she has recorded around the world. Sounds are taken out of their original context and thus perceived in their purity. Hanna Hartman seeks to reveal hidden correspondences between…

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