Remembering R. Murray Schafer (1933-2021)

R. Murray Schafer (photo by André Leduc)

[Ed. Note: Canadian composer, acoustic ecologist, and ISCM Honorary Member R. Murray Schafer passed away on August 14, 2021. In honor of his memory we are posted some reflections on him from three Canadian composer colleagues which have been mostly adapted from comments that were read during the 2017 ISCM General Assembly in Vancouver during…

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In Memoriam Octavian Nemescu (1940-2020)

Octavian Nemescu sitting next to a piano.

Octavian Nemescu, a name that made history in Romanian music, has left us. He was one of the most original Romanian composers, leaving behind him a benchmark, a unique and unmistakable musical creation. From spectral, archetypal or imaginary music, he burnt with passion for his ideas that he followed without divergence, without compromise. He believed…

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In Memoriam Stephan Dunkelman (1956-2020)

Stephan Dunkelman standing outside and holding his jacket on his arm,

Stephan’s spirit possessed an uncommon lightness, suppleness and expansiveness because it was blessed by something larger than life. As a wonderful composer, his music is replete with these qualities. But, Stephan’s gifts were multifold. He was also a wonderful person, highly intelligent, extremely generous, kind, loving, honest and decent while still remaining true to his…

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In Memoriam Sukhi Kang (1934-2020)

ISCM Honorary Member Sukhi Kang, a composer who is regarded as a master of contemporary Korean music, died of a chronic disease on 16 August 2020 at dawn, aged 86. Born in 1934, Kang was from Seoul and graduated from Seoul National University’s Department of Composition. In 1966, he released Korea’s first electronic music, Feast…

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